Weekly Round-Up!

As you might have realised, over the past few weeks I’ve been doing some changes and I’ve been trying out new types of posts.  I did a reflection post a few weeks back,  a fashion post this week, anyway, you get the idea.

I’ve actually been surprising myself.  I’ve been super busy with Uni stuff, third year is going to be kicking my ass around for the next months, but I’ve been getting more and more inspired.  As I’ve said before, I only write when I actually feel like it, I never sit down and make myself write a post.  That would be fake and trying too hard.

So this is a new thing I’m trying out, a weekly round-up.  At the moment my weekdays are rather dull and boring, Uni – home – eat –  sleep – replay.  I don’t mind in actual fact, I love being a student but there’s not much to say about weekdays.  The only fun thing that happened was on Tuesday.  I went to my boyfriend’s and together we watched the Apple keynote, where announcements about new products and updates are made.  I have become somewhat of an Apple addict over the past years (*ahem* boyfriend’s fault *ahem*) We both got super excited at stuff and it was fun.  I also enjoy looking at the amazing marketing and advertising techniques they use.  I learnt how to analyse ads last year in a particular subject and so I now look at stuff from that perspective and I love it.  They use subtle techniques and I only wish I could be a hair in the advertising team of Apple.  They wanted to trash Microsoft for instance,  they only called them their “competition”, but what did they do?  They chose a background image of clouds with white wording and without knowing, our brains get taken back to when the default Windows theme had clouds.  I love that, awesome techniques!

This weekend has been pretty full so far, I’m hoping for a chill day today.  I’m thinking of someone extremely close to my heart today and I’d like to dedicate this to him.  He would have been my biggest fan.

It’s November this week…AND IT’S STILL HOT! Mother Nature…this little person is going crazy…pleaseeee give me Winter soon!

Enjoy your Sunday,

Claire xxx


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