Do you ever wake up and feel like looking at pretty stuff? Me neither, I usually want to look at the other side of my pillow.  But today, I have a day “off” and I made myself a nice mug (barrel) of coffee, switched on my laptop, and browsed the web for pretty things.  From blogs, to Vogue magazine you name it.  

Trending all over the place is cutey Prince George.  The official photos were released yesterday so the world is “oooo-ing and aaa-ing” all over the place.  Poor chap looks like his dad though and the christening dress they put him in did not help one bit (history and stuff aside).  But, and this is the pretty stuff, his mummy and dear old great-grandma (Kate and the Queen) looked amazing.  Kate always does but the Queen, I have to say, looks amazing for her age and I know it’s a tad old fashioned, but I just love all the hats she wears.  Call me an old soul, but I wish hats would come back, not hipster fedoras, but the old stuff.

LEATHER! It’s everywhere guys! I love the leather look.  I always think of myself as a little punk-princess somewhere in my head, so yeah, pretty stuff there.  I hope those hideous leather leggings are eliminated off the face of the earth, but jackets, shorts, skirts, go ahead, I love!

Trending as much as Prince George is Jamie Dornan. Who you say? Why the new Christian Grey of course! Former Calvin Klein model is super good looking and hopefully he’ll stick to actually doing the movie, unlike the previous dude they chose.  He’s a cross between Matt Bomer and Ricky Martin in my opinion, but he’s gorgeous anyway!

Skirt.  I’m a dress/skirt girl.  I almost never dress up in trousers.  I love trousers on weekdays, but old-soul Claire thinks ladies should wear skirts when going out (not really, but it’s true, I rarely wear trousers on weekends).  There are some pretty skirts out there and box-pleats, which I adore, are everywhere. 

I just realised it’s my second fashion related post of the week! Whaaaat? I’ll try and do a more general one soon as I don’t want This and That to be just another fashion blog.  But pretty stuff are just so pretty and you can’t blame me for liking, right?

Have an awesome weekend,

Claire xxxx


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