Favourite Picks – Coats

I wish it could be colder in Malta so that maybe we could start wearing more Winter clothes.  I think Winter allows us to dress up in so many ways that I can never get enough of looking at Winter clothes.  My favourite Winter piece has to be the coat!  We don’t get to wear coats that often here but as soon as it gets a bit colder than usual, I’m the first to wear coats.  I love all styles and below are few lovely pieces I came across, ranging from the standard trench to a colour block piece.



1. H&M Trenchcoat – I love this one because it’s just so classic looking and smart that you could dress it up with everything and anything.  The colour may be a bit dull for my taste but pairing it with killer heels would give it that extra pop!
2. Zara Houndstooth Coat – I just can’t stop staring at this one.  Love the zipper detail and the houndstooth gives it that unique factor which is a must for me when choosing a coat. (I own a bright pink coat and I bought it because it stood out so much!)
3. Forever21 Wool-blend Pea Coat – I think this coat looks super girly and it would be great for those days when I feel really girly.  And who doesn’t love wool in the cold months?
4. Topshop Bound Seam Duffle Coat – This one is probably my favourite for a casual, everyday look.  I love the colour and the huge pockets are a huge plus.  I would probably wear this with my brown brogues and tiny satchel.
5. ASOS Contrast Colour Block Coat – I think this is more something of a fashion statement, something you’d wear and have people look.  It’s a far cry from the standard coat but I just love the blue and grey and would definately wear it!
What’s your favourite?

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