Once in a Lifetime!


I’m linking a song at the very start of the post because it inspired this post and it’s a great, relaxing and romantic song, so enjoy. 
Just in case you didn’t click the link is for a song called “Once In A Lifetime”.  The song inspired me to write a post about stuff we do once in a lifetime which impact our whole lives.  I started thinking about little things you experience just once and you can actually think of the moment or situation and instantly feel the way you felt at the moment and chances are you’ll remember this forever. 
So once in a lifetime item number 1: getting your car license.  This basically changes your life from either depending on people or using buses to completely free to go wherever and whenever.  I got my license at 18 and I remember the moment the examiner told me I passed.  I actually asked him, rather rudely whether I did pass because he was going on about some silly rule and i just looked at him and said ” Imma ghaddejt jew?” Which translates to “But did I make it?” to which he replied, ” oh yes, but this rule is really important”. I have no clue what the rule was.  
Next once in a lifetime situation might be a bit too romantic for some, but I’m a silly romantic so here goes.  It’s the moment you realise you really love a person and he/she is your soul mate.  Strictly speaking this may occur more than once but I believe that the soul mate thing happens really only once and when you realise that, the moment is, in my opinion, priceless. 
YOYO. Yes I’m going to be ‘hip’ and use this: you’re only young once.  I know older people will say I’m only 21 and that’s still pretty young, but how awesome is it to be young? You really do experience stuff that you only get to do when you’re young, so being young and doing silly things is a once in a lifetime that really makes you think doesn’t it? I think being young is the time that once in a lifetime situations really happen and I need to start embracing that idea more. At the same time, you may choose to make being young not a once in a lifetime thing and live young at heart.  Either way, embrace the moment. 
Song’s almost over so I’m stopping here.  I’m sure I’ll look back later and find that I missed a couple of moments, so share with me any ideas you come up with.
Enjoy Sunday,
Claire xxx

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