So much to do…so little time!

How is it Thursday already? It’s Thursday night and next thing I know it’s Sunday evening.  I have no idea how time is passing so quickly.  I guess it’s because I’m super busy.  I’m trying to juggle a hundred and one things all day, every day.  I’m not complaining, I honestly would be very silly to complain because half the reason I’m so busy is because I love doing so many things.

Today is the last day of October which means, I’ve been back at Uni for a whole month already.  It also means we’re one more month closer to Christmas.  I have conflicting feelings about October, there are some awesome days which have really great meaning whilst others not so much.  I enjoy getting back into the Winter so that’s a plus.  It’s finally cooling down over here, I can almost hear my blazers and sweaters calling my name! I wore boots today and a scarf and I already felt better.  I just love fashion in Winter, there are just so many options.  In Summer I never feel dressed up enough, I love maxi dresses and flowing skirts, but nothing beats Winter stuff.

I’m off to catch-up on my TV series, hopefully I won’t doze off half way through.  I’m hoping to put up an October favourites post tomorrow or Saturday, just because I’ve got so many new things I’m loving at the moment!

Happy Halloween!

Claire x


I also managed to sneak a visit to the National Aquarium this week!


Weekly Round-Up!

As you might have realised, over the past few weeks I’ve been doing some changes and I’ve been trying out new types of posts.  I did a reflection post a few weeks back,  a fashion post this week, anyway, you get the idea.

I’ve actually been surprising myself.  I’ve been super busy with Uni stuff, third year is going to be kicking my ass around for the next months, but I’ve been getting more and more inspired.  As I’ve said before, I only write when I actually feel like it, I never sit down and make myself write a post.  That would be fake and trying too hard.

So this is a new thing I’m trying out, a weekly round-up.  At the moment my weekdays are rather dull and boring, Uni – home – eat –  sleep – replay.  I don’t mind in actual fact, I love being a student but there’s not much to say about weekdays.  The only fun thing that happened was on Tuesday.  I went to my boyfriend’s and together we watched the Apple keynote, where announcements about new products and updates are made.  I have become somewhat of an Apple addict over the past years (*ahem* boyfriend’s fault *ahem*) We both got super excited at stuff and it was fun.  I also enjoy looking at the amazing marketing and advertising techniques they use.  I learnt how to analyse ads last year in a particular subject and so I now look at stuff from that perspective and I love it.  They use subtle techniques and I only wish I could be a hair in the advertising team of Apple.  They wanted to trash Microsoft for instance,  they only called them their “competition”, but what did they do?  They chose a background image of clouds with white wording and without knowing, our brains get taken back to when the default Windows theme had clouds.  I love that, awesome techniques!

This weekend has been pretty full so far, I’m hoping for a chill day today.  I’m thinking of someone extremely close to my heart today and I’d like to dedicate this to him.  He would have been my biggest fan.

It’s November this week…AND IT’S STILL HOT! Mother Nature…this little person is going crazy…pleaseeee give me Winter soon!

Enjoy your Sunday,

Claire xxx

Favourite Picks – Coats

I wish it could be colder in Malta so that maybe we could start wearing more Winter clothes.  I think Winter allows us to dress up in so many ways that I can never get enough of looking at Winter clothes.  My favourite Winter piece has to be the coat!  We don’t get to wear coats that often here but as soon as it gets a bit colder than usual, I’m the first to wear coats.  I love all styles and below are few lovely pieces I came across, ranging from the standard trench to a colour block piece.



1. H&M Trenchcoat – I love this one because it’s just so classic looking and smart that you could dress it up with everything and anything.  The colour may be a bit dull for my taste but pairing it with killer heels would give it that extra pop!
2. Zara Houndstooth Coat – I just can’t stop staring at this one.  Love the zipper detail and the houndstooth gives it that unique factor which is a must for me when choosing a coat. (I own a bright pink coat and I bought it because it stood out so much!)
3. Forever21 Wool-blend Pea Coat – I think this coat looks super girly and it would be great for those days when I feel really girly.  And who doesn’t love wool in the cold months?
4. Topshop Bound Seam Duffle Coat – This one is probably my favourite for a casual, everyday look.  I love the colour and the huge pockets are a huge plus.  I would probably wear this with my brown brogues and tiny satchel.
5. ASOS Contrast Colour Block Coat – I think this is more something of a fashion statement, something you’d wear and have people look.  It’s a far cry from the standard coat but I just love the blue and grey and would definately wear it!
What’s your favourite?

I Survived!

I spent last night in a tent.  Yes, little me, who panics at every little thing and loves the indoors, went camping.  It was a simple affair, one night, two days.  And you know what’s more astonishing? I LOVED IT! It was seriously the best of fun.  We were a group of 9 friends and we ate and played games for 2 whole days.  We also realised how great the simple things are.  We usually love to spend our Sundays drinking cocktails, all posh and smartly dressed, so this was quite a change but we enjoyed every second.   Who knew staring at a bon fire and eating marshmallows at one in the morning could be so much fun?  Needless to say, we’ll be doing it again!

Claire xxx


Malta…best place to live in?

Malta has made it at 3rd place on a list which looks at the top 25 best cities for young people to live in.  Now I’m a young person and I live here so I’m going to give a little run down as to what is awesome about living on such a tiny island and what isn’t.

Being small has its benefits but also restrictions at times. (Coming from a 4ft10 person, I know a thing or two about being small!)  I think young people in Malta are super lucky in that we get to live with our parents ’till we get married or go live with someone, rent free, with food on the table (massive portions just in case, God forbid, we become weak), clothes washed and you don’t feel like a burden.  Most parents in Malta almost feel offended if at ,say 19, you decide to move out.

Education is another one.  We not only get free education but we also get stipends and grants so that we can buy books and “school related” stuff.  This is obviously not the case abroad, so yeah, we’re lucky to be here.

The size of Malta is where issues come in.  We get to not have to travel around a lot and waste money on travelling, but at times, especially for people who are growing up and want to try new things, the island may be a bit limiting. This then leads to one of the very few things I hate about living in Malta, the lack of available brands and stores and chains.  I actually did a post once on just this. I   We don’t have a Starbucks or an Apple Store or an H&M or a Taco Bell or a Forever 21 or a MAC store…ehhh… the list is endless.  Ideology may also be a bit old fashioned at times though I think this is improving immensely.

I don’t want to end this post on a negative note, far from that, I love living here.  Malta is a safe, easygoing country, so yes, I do agree, it’s a great for young people.



Ok, so I don’t think it’s rocket science, but just in case you haven’t realised, I have changed platforms, that is I will no longer post through Blogger but through WordPress.  Reasons for this are many.  Firstly, I haven’t been liking Blogger for a while simply because I can never get it to look the way I want it.  It doesn’t seem to be as professional as this.  I am also finally going to start working on my website and I will be using WordPress to do so.  I know I’ve been saying this for a while but I have decided to take the longer road, and learn how to build the website myself.  It might take longer, but it will be closer to heart that way.

That’s it basically.  I hope you like the new look and help me transition by commenting and telling me what you like or dislike.