1 week of Summer Memories: DAY 7!

And here it is, the final post! This post has to be sentimental, doesn’t it?  It’s back to school on Monday and a whole week of reflection made me realise more how much I’m going to miss this Summer.  But, as my wise boyfriend says “All in good time”. (whoever really says that I have no clue, but the boyfriend does so I’m quoting him)

This final memory has been looming over me all week but I decided from the very beginning to keep it for the last day.  I’m talking of the memory of feeling happy.  You know how in Summer…you do absolutely nothing much all day except lounge about on the beach, then hang with friends or family, eat more fruit and ice-creams (ok, mostly ice-creams in my case) than actual food and you’re driving home in that Summer breeze and you’re happy.  In your head you think this is one of those great days I’ll never forget.  Of course, you don’t actually remember that particular day, but I’m talking about that silly feeling that you get in your stomach when you think of the day you’ve had.  I probably sound like a little girl talking like this but I’m sure you’ve been in your bed, ready to sleep and you smile to yourself thinking about how life is sometimes very, very good and little things can make you happy.

Well, I was lucky to have a good number of moments like that this Summer and the memory of those feelings is the best memory of all.

All days won’t be as awesome, if they were we’d never appreciate the really special days, so today, on my last Saturday of Summer 2013, I won’t be sad over what has passed, but be happy that it happened!

Claire xxx


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