1 week of Summer Memories: DAY 4 & DAY 5!

So given that these two memories are rather simple I decided to mix it up a little and put two memories in one post.  That way, you don’t get bored and I can get away with not feeling guilty for having to skip a day.

So 2 memories, one post.  Let’s do this.

First memory: I usually hold back from talking about my results online, be it Facebook, my blog, Instagram, anywhere.  I try to keep school a private matter because it’s something very serious to me so I don’t feel it’s appropriate to discuss stuff like results online.  But this memory is funny and one time won’t hurt.  So a quick explanation for those unaware of how stuff works at the University of Malta.  So, results are posted onto an online platform called esims.  Hated by all, this little platform lets us view results and when a new result comes out it is in green font.  Now I was at Sliema heading home from work when I decided to check whether any results had been posted.  And I see a little green line of words.  Zooming in, I wasn’t sure whether the grade was a D or an A.  Now this blessed esims, gives the result by giving only the grade and subject code.  Obviously, I had no clue what the code was.  Anyway so I check the code and it’s a subject I worked super hard in and I was extra happy that I did so well.  Forgetting I was walking around in Sliema, I start skipping and saying “Yes! Yes!” aloud.  Realising that I was in the middle of the street I decided to go into my car and celebrate there.  So I rolled down my windows, sat down in my seat and screamed my heart out with joy, banging on the stirring and doing God knows what.  At one point I look to my left, and realise that I was parked right in front of a pub or bar of some sort with tables outside and people sitting on the tables.  Needless to say, I started my car, sped off and never, ever parked in that spot again.

Second memory is easy and simple.  A favourite of many, it’s the memory of days at the beach.  I’m blessed with living on a tiny island so the sea is never more than 15 minutes away, no matter where you are.  I enjoyed Sundays at the beach with friends (and beer), quick dips with my parents, other days with my two boys (mentioned here) and my favourite days at the beach, days spent with my bestie and her daughter.  I got to be a little kid again playing around with my little 3 year old friend.  I rolled in the sand, threw water on myself, dived a gazzilion times, all to heae her giggle and laugh.  I probably had more fun than she did, being able to act silly and all that.

Claire xxx


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