1 week of Summer Memories: DAY 3!

Hello everyone! Day 3 is here.  I was going to do a particular Summer memory today but then I realised it’s the 24th of September today which means…this time last month I was on my way to Chicago.  How has it been a month already?

Okay let me slow down.  I will try not to repeat myself, same thing with Rome, since I’ve already posted about my trip.  This particular Summer memory is probably my favourite and most special one.  For good reason.

I will forever remember the holiday as one were I managed to do something cumpaqpum as we say in Maltese, which means at the spur of the moment.  As I’ve said before I’m unfortunately a very bad control freak.  I need to have everything planned and in order and within my control.  But not this time.  I decided to go on the trip a mere 2 weeks before…I had no confirmation of whether I was going or not, having never been to the States, I couldn’t plan transport and maps and stuff because I had to get a feel of what the city was like, so I took a deep breath and let it all fall into place on its own.  And it worked out fine.  I roamed about like a local, saw all the best parts of the city, travelled on my own, in other words, I sucked it up and everything was OK.

Now let me tell you about a little special moment I had.  I was out and about after a whole day sightseeing when I decided to do a lot bit of shopping.  Next to each other were two stores I love but never actually been in, American Apparel and Forever21.  For some reason I’ve never been into the Forever 21 in the UK.  So I go into the first shop, I’m fine, then I go into Forever 21 and it hits me.  I’m in America.  I made it here and I’m doing just fine.  I did not plan anything, I had no control over what happened and I’m fine.   To make the special moment even more special… the shop was huge! (yes, exclamation point needed)  I’m saying mega huge.  I seriously could have got lost there.  So I start looking around like a maniac, picking up stuff, looking at the sizes and grinning like an idiot because they are the US sizes and we rarely get clothes here with US sizes.  I swear I must have looked like a complete psycho.  People probably thought I’m some crazy person who’s been allowed to shop just this once.

I ended up only getting one skirt because the sizes there are weird (or maybe, it’s me) and quite huge (short dresses still went down to my knees) but that one skirt is magical to me.  Because I look at it, and remember the awesome feeling I felt in that store, not just for the shopping bit, but the whole experience.  I brought one skirt back from Forever 21, but the memories I have of this experience are infinite.

Claire xxx


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