1 week of Summer memories; DAY 2!

Due to stuff I had no control over, I’m posting this quite late and it’s going to be a short post.

The memory for my second day is going to be a bunch of memories together.  Basically this Summer I spent quite some time with my boyfriend and brother together, that is, the 3 of us hanging out together.  Now I love boys, not in the I can’t see a pair of pants type but in general I think boys (or males so they don’t get offended) are the coolest.  They’re easygoing, funny and quite frankly fun to be around.  So getting to hang out with the two most special boys in my life was awesome.  I’m lucky because my bro and my boyfriend get on really well, so well that they usually gang up on me, but we’ll let that slide. 
We spent days at the beach together shooting mini-movies, we went to the cinema, we hung out laughing about the stupidest things, we had fun.  And that alone qualifies for an awesome Summer memory doesn’t it? 
I’m adding a video my bro made of a day at the beach.  He loves his camera and even though I’m probably super biased, I think he’s really talented.

Claire xxx

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