1 week of Summer memories: DAY 1!

Ok, so you know how this blog is actually based on the idea that I post something based solely on the fact that when something crops into my mind and I find it somewhat interesting, I write about? Well, whilst the brother and the boyfriend are here playing PlayStation I realised this time next week I will be gearing up to go back to school on Monday.  And an idea came to me.

So I decided to try something which will not be completely random.  From today, I will be writing about  one Summer memory a day.  This is quite different from my usual approach to writing, I enjoy feeling the urge to write about something and not put pressure on myself to write about something specific.  But I want to learn to embrace change and also discipline myself a bit when it come to writing.  
So today is Day 1.  Bear with me if this first post is weird, I’m still figuring out how I’m going to go about it. 
Day 1 – Memory: Rome,July 2013

I posted about this after I came back from Rome but I just had to make it my first Summer memory.  I went to Rome earlier on in the Summer which is the best time to go on holiday because when you come back you still have the whole Summer ahead of you. 
3 memorable things about this holiday were, the food, the scenery and the shopping.  The food was obviously amazing, it’s Italy and you can’t get better food than Italian right? I’d been to Rome before so I’d seen the Vatican, Colosseum and all those before but I can never be bored of them.  They are such beautiful stuff that I get overwhelmed every single time I go there. 
Now next up, the shopping.  Now most people are surprised by this.  Excluding the street sellers, Rome is known to be super expensive and believe me, the prices  at the designer places were crazy!  But my mum found this huge shopping mall just outside the airport, Parco Leonardo which had SALDI everywhere.  Now if you don’t know what saldi is (shame on you, you should know this word in all languages), it translates to sale.  So we had huuuuge shops like H&M and River Island and plenty more, all on sale.  Needless to say, both me and my boyfriend went a little crazy!
I can go on forever writing about this holiday and what memories I have of it but that will make this post mega long so I’ll stop here for today. 
I’ll talk about another memory tomorrow so make sure you check my Facebook page for links to tomorrow’s post too. 
What are your favourite Summer memories?
Claire xxx

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