Never too old to…

If you follow me on Facebook you will have come across a status I posted earlier about something that you are never too old to do and it got me thinking about all the other stuff in the world that no matter what age you are…they bring out the kid in you.  So, I decided to post about just this: stuff that you are never too old for. 

1.Milky Buttons
These little sweets, in their little bag are uber addictive and once someone opens up a pack, everyone runs over to nibble one.  The packs are usually really small so once people start picking at your packet, you can say bye bye to enjoying it on your own.  Eating milky buttons is also followed by multiple variations of the phrase “oooo I loved that as a kid”.
In Malta, at a particular beach, an inflatable obstacle course is set up every year.  It is something me and my friends try to do every year and one of the inflatables is a trampoline.  Now the ages of the people in my group range from 20 to 26 but when I tell you we get butterflies just seeing this trampoline, I’m not joking.  But you might say that we’re a bunch of silly people, but when we tell people where we’ve been…they always ask about the trampoline with so much excitement.  And I’ve witnessed this at other places…trampolines are just to cool.
3. Tom and Jerry
This classic cartoon is known to be loved by all…but seriously, who doesn’t stop in front of the TV if the show’s on? Enough said!
4.Easter Eggs
Ok, just a little side note, I’m a piggy, so yeah…I think of food a lot.  But really, who doesn’t love Easter Eggs? The little fluffy animals on the side or the toy inside make easter eggs so exciting to adults as much as kids.  The chocolate is usually nothing special, but the little plastic toys inside are just too awesome and you can’t not get excited. 
5. Naps
The Facebook post I mentioned in the beginning was about naps.  I find the approach towards naps so funny that I had to include them.  So kids are encouraged to nap, old people are allowed to nap because they are, of course, old, young people nap because they are lazy so in other words, napping is a universal activity loved by all.  In my opinion, nap time should be a mandatory activity for all
Enough reminiscing,
much love,
Claire xxx

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