Another back-to-school post!

Hey there! How’s it going? I know you’ve probably been bombarded by back to school posts and vlogs and ads…so I will try and make this a different sort of post…you know me…I try to approach things a bit different from the rest.

First off.  Chill.  I am a very silly girl and I panic very easily and getting into Uni meant a whole load of stress and panic.  You will feel lost and alone.  It is completely normal.  Make sure you find one good friend who’s ready to help you and vice-versa…don’t try to go it alone, you will go mad. 
Next up is fashion.  Make sure you stock up on plenty of warm stuff…it can get chilly in a huge hall and after hours of sitting down you will be frozen down to your pretty little studious bum.  If you’re into fashion, Uni is the time to try out new styles and enjoy dressing up, just don’t over do it. 
Get involved.  Now this is something I never do.  I go to Uni…attend lectures, maybe get a coffee with a friend and leave.  Don’t over do it and end up sitting for every exam twice, but it’s good to be involved.  Most courses have their own Facebook group and it’s nice to join in the conversations there that way you get to know other people and it shows you’re interested in what you’re doing. 
Last but not least…cherish every moment.  Even the 3 hour long tutorials or long sessions at the library.  They may be hard time coming your way but try to look at the big picture. In a few years you will be out into the world and now is the time to enjoy being a student. 
Other than that, work hard and enjoy it because you’ll be out of there before you even know it. 
Oh and a little side note, my dear friend Christina has started a new blog and it would mean the world to me if you could check it out.
Until next time,
Claire x 

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