5 Awesome Stuff – Summer 2013

Hi there! I’ve been watching and reading plenty of vlogs and blogs recently and everyone’s doing the top 5 Summer Essentials or something in those lines, so I’m going to give it a go.  2 items are beauty related, the other 3 are random picks.  
1.  Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation

If like me you follow all things beauty online, you’ve probably heard and read all about this, if not, this is basically a really good and cheap foundation by Rimmel.  If you want general reviews on this, I suggest you google search it and you will find plenty of info there.  I will be talking about why this foundation is great from the point of view of a girl who hates foundation and lives in a country which is super hot in Summer.  
I’m not a fan of foundation but obviously if I’m going out I want to look good and I will of course use foundation.  Since it gives medium coverage and is quite light textured, it’s perfect for the heat in Malta.  I must admit I use this mostly in the evenings but I’ve used it on occassions where I went to concerts for instance and I must say it stayed put and did not make my face look sticky, like some foundations tend to.  I swatched this with my friend before buying it and I was a bit scared as it did make my hands all glittery and I thought oh god, my face is going to look all shiny, but it’s actually very rare that I can see the little shiny specs, so if you do try a tester and it looks shiny, don’t worry it will be fine on your face.  

2. Essence Nude Glam Nail Polish 

Anyone who knows me even a little knows what a mess I make every time I try to paint my nails which means that I will not buy expensive nail polish, the nail polish needs to be very quick drying and it needs to still look pretty.  This range, I feel gives me all this.  I’ve been looking for a nude colour which I like for ages and I think I’ve found the one.  I bought this for something around 2.50 Euro which is of course a bargain.  I think it needs two coats to look the way I like it but that’s with most nail polishes.  Other than that, I love!
3. Infinity Bracelet

I bought this bracelet from Rome last month.  There’s a whole ‘infinity’ trend going on there, everything has the symbol on it.  Apart from it being super cheap and it having a funny story behind it, this bracelet is spot on trend and super dainty which I love as I have tiny wrists.  It’s also easy to incorporate with other bracelets which I love to do. 

4. Mobile Wallet

 Being the psycho  perfectionist that I am, I refuse to have any of my electronics without casing.  The first thing I buy after buying any item is it’s case.  Now I’ve had TPU gel covers on my iPhone from day 1 but recently I got this cover for it and although at first I thought it was a bit uncomfortable, after using it at the beach and when my phone’s in my bag a lot, I’ve fallen in love.  It keeps the screen safe as well as the back, it protects it from sand and it has little pockets on the side where I can put ID or something which is perfect when I want to keep my bag as lightweight as possible.  I do switch back to my other covers from time to time but I must say I am loving this case.

5. Friends

Not much to say.  I mentioned in another post that I started watching this series last month and I absolutely love it.  I have no idea how I’ve never watched it.  I hate the clothes but the characters are awesome and there’s 10 seasons which is great as I never run out of episode. (I will of course run out, but not for now!)

That’s it! It’s been a long post hasn’t it? I hope you weren’t too bored.  Like I said before, I’m hoping to launch my website very soon, so look out!