Hi Summer, pleased to finally meet you!

Hello Everyone!

How’s Summer treating you so far? Mine has been weird.  Weird in a good way because apart from sa few hours at work I have been either lazying around or hitting the beach with friends.  Not bad, eh?  But since I’ve been on holidays for less than a week, I’m still not used to just not doing anything.  So much so, this morning I ended up waking up at 7am, went on the kitchen table, and made lists of stuff I have to do, just because it felt so natural after 2 whole months of non-stop studying! Yes, I’m weird.

I’m happy to report that so far, the weather here on this beautiful island has been superb.  The sea is a tad bit too cold for my liking, but the weather’s perfect.  We have to cover up in the evenings because it gets super chilly.  They did report a mild Summer but I didn’t believe it, but so far, so frickin’ GOOD!

I had posted some time ago that I’m hoping to launch a website, that is I won’t be posting through blogger but I’ll try and get my own domain and stuff.  I’m hoping to learn a few basics before though but I’m sure my boyf will love to help (he’s reading about this on here first, so let’s hope he’ll feel obliged to!). That means I aim to have it up early August or latest mid-August.  It will probably be the same concept, just random posts, but I might pick up other stuff if I find that they’re kind of popular.  So please, tell me what posts of mine you like best, and I’ll see what I can come up with.

Oh, I just started Friends for the first time ever! How cool is that show? I’m addicted!

Claire xxx

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