Hi everyone! It’s nearly the end of July!!! How did that happen? My first month of holidays is almost over, this is crazy.  I’ve been doing sooo much lately that I haven’t really had time to just sit down and write.

Just in case you haven’t seen my Facebook page or my Instagram, I went to Rome for a couple of days with my boyfriend.  It was my third time there and I honestly fell in love with the city all over again.  It was also super special because it was the first time with my boyfriend and it was also the last place I went on holiday with my grandpa.  I honestly can’t believe how much I felt his presence and it was so special because it did not make me sad, it made me happy that I could actually imagine the last time we were there, sneaking away to buy gelato.  He was with me the whole trip and I know he was watching over me because he would never let me be sad and I never was, I only remembered the good times we had.  So for that, thank you Nannu, we had an amazing holiday didn’t we?

Back in Malta, the heat is kicking in which makes me a little annoyed as you know how much I hate the heat but at least I work at a store which has AC so half my days are at least cooler.  Also, shops are starting to bring Winter stuff out…how great is that? I got a really cool powder blue blazer on sale which I put in the middle of my Summer wardrobe so every time I open my wardrobe I see it and get reminded of all the lovely clothes we get to wear in Winter.  I’m a weirdo aren’t I?

I’m not sure if I mentioned this in my last post but I’m catching up on the series Friends, finally. And I’m loving it.  It’s just so 90s yet still so funny and awesome.  I love it. Musically I haven’t been listening to much accept for the songs my brother puts on when we’re in the same room and he tends to stick to one song on repeat which means I’m not listening to much.

That’s it basically.  A little Summer update.  I’m putting below a few Summer snaps and I’m going to caption them so that you know who’s who and stuff!

Claire xxx

Me at Villa Borghese, Rome.  Boyfriend caught me stretching…and it turned out like this, I swear!

And the Boyfriend makes his debut on my blog.  Don’t we look like a Malibu bottle? 
Girls just wanna have fun! Me and Lara, one of my bestest friends!
Sundays at the beach in Malta.  Aren’t we lucky to live on such a lovely island?
Bestie driving whilst I Instagram! With another dear friend, Mandy.

Hi Summer, pleased to finally meet you!

Hello Everyone!

How’s Summer treating you so far? Mine has been weird.  Weird in a good way because apart from sa few hours at work I have been either lazying around or hitting the beach with friends.  Not bad, eh?  But since I’ve been on holidays for less than a week, I’m still not used to just not doing anything.  So much so, this morning I ended up waking up at 7am, went on the kitchen table, and made lists of stuff I have to do, just because it felt so natural after 2 whole months of non-stop studying! Yes, I’m weird.

I’m happy to report that so far, the weather here on this beautiful island has been superb.  The sea is a tad bit too cold for my liking, but the weather’s perfect.  We have to cover up in the evenings because it gets super chilly.  They did report a mild Summer but I didn’t believe it, but so far, so frickin’ GOOD!

I had posted some time ago that I’m hoping to launch a website, that is I won’t be posting through blogger but I’ll try and get my own domain and stuff.  I’m hoping to learn a few basics before though but I’m sure my boyf will love to help (he’s reading about this on here first, so let’s hope he’ll feel obliged to!). That means I aim to have it up early August or latest mid-August.  It will probably be the same concept, just random posts, but I might pick up other stuff if I find that they’re kind of popular.  So please, tell me what posts of mine you like best, and I’ll see what I can come up with.

Oh, I just started Friends for the first time ever! How cool is that show? I’m addicted!

Claire xxx

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