Hello, my name is Claire and I have a serious problem…

…I really and truly do.  It’s called clothing separation anxiety.  You see, I’m shifting my Winter and Summer wardrobes and I have just realised that I have a very, very bad situation on my hands.  I basically did not grow much over the past few years, I probably haven’t since I was ten or so and apart from a few select pieces which tend to stand out, I tend to buy items which I can style in several different ways with several different pieces and accessories.  Now you’d say, that’s not really a problem, it’s more of a gift really (oh, I’m soooo gifted, right??) . BUT, and there’s always a but, when you fear throwing away stuff, you end up accumulating a lot and a lot of clothes.  Plus, recently I’ve been looking at trends and nearly and up crying my eyes off at the fact that some pieces which are hot right now, my mom used to wear…AND SHE THREW OUT!!! Because you see, my mum’s the opposite of me, she throws anything and everything out once she gets bored with them..good and bad for me depending on whether I manage to convince her to tell me before she throws stuff out.

Now I see two options how I can deal with this problem:

1. Stop buying stuff.  I could of course settle to accept that I have enough stuff and stop buying.  But I know for a fact that I can’t for the simple reason that I am young, I work hard  and spend carefully so I find it rewarding when I buy stuff I like.

2. Start throwing stuff out.  The second option is probably the option that is more likely to happen though I’m going to have to work very hard.  I hate throwing stuff out so much that I usually keep things that I can no longer wear outside…and sleep in them! You see the problem? I should of course, give stuff away to charity and it’s not that I don’t like being charitable or helping others, it’s just that I can’t bring myself to get my stuff, throw them in a garbage bag, and never see them again.  I get this from my grandma, who’s just like me and she often brings stuff over which she used to wear or she kept which are often amazing vintage pieces and I just drool over them and appreciate the fact that I am like her…you see a pattern here?

One of the pieces my Nanna kept. Also, my favourite ring. 

So that’s my problem.  Any suggestions from people who suffer from this sort of anxiety will be appreciated.



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