YouTube Faves!

If, like myself a couple of months ago, you only use YouTube to listen to music or check out TV/film trailers, let me tell you, you’re missing out, a lot.  My boyfriend has been watching videos on YouTube from the very start and recently he got me hooked too.  There are also some channels we both enjoy together and can spend hours watching.

Now for those who don’t know what goes on on YouTube, let me explain.  There are basically 2 types of YouTubers, those who post vlogs, which means you get a camera, hand held and go about your day and just shoot stuff.  These people are called vloggers.  Then there are those who post videos.  If it’s fashion and make-up you enjoy, then you’ll find people showing you how make-up techniques, hair techniques, stuff they buy and review, etc.  If you’re more tech interested, you’ll find people who post videos on that.  I personally enjoy the fashion related stuff more though I do occasionally watch a video or two which is quite techy (again, blame the boyfriend!)

Now since I’m assuming you’re YouTube beginners, I’m going to tell you my personal faves and why ypu should check them out.  Starting with vloggers.  I mostly watch ‘The Shaytards’, a family with 4 kids and another on the way, who live in LA and just do normal family stuff.  And the dad is super cool.  I also watch ‘Pirillo Vlog’ just because it’s of a couple, with the guy being all techy and the girl being all make-up loving and fashion crazy, so it reminds me of myself and my boyfriend a lot and we sometimes watch it together.  Next, videos.  I have 3 main favourites, they’re all girls and all British; Zoella, Tanya Burr and DollyBowBow.  The first is just so cute and I love her look and what she has to say.  Tanya is a make-up artist so she’s a bit heavy on the make-up tutorials and DollyBowBow is similar to Zoella though less famous.

That’s it basically.  I sometimes watch stuff from friends of these people, they link their videos and I give them a look, but these are my main favourites.  I hope you enjoy watching these videos and feel free to share any favourites with me.


PS Here are the links for all the people I mentioned.
Tanya Burr
Pirillo Vlog


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