My thoughts on Maltese Advertising!

I’m going to reward myself by posting! YAY! It’s that time of year, where blogging turns into an incentive to study. Oh well.

The only thing is that this post will be a bit of a rant.  I realised something today and I’m not sure if I should blame it on me being a horribly annoying control freak or my Communications degree subjects are wearing off on me.  Let me explain.  I was flicking through one of the gazzillion magazines we receive on Sundays and I came across an advert.  Now, being the journalism lover and all, I tend to look at magazines to find stuff I would do differently had I been the editor (what an ambitious little idiot I am, eh?). No but seriously, I go through stuff, point out stuff I don’t like in my head and move on.

But this particular issue has been bothering me for a while.  The issue I’m talking about is the fact that they put ads and forget who the audience is.  You’d think it’s something from page 1 of “Advertising for Dummies” right? But in Malta it’s not.  They get ads from the UK or any other country we import stuff from, chuck it in the magazine, and voila’, stupidity galore.  Example, an ad for some alcoholic drink in a can.  The ad says it’s perfect to relax with and with summer close by you can take to festivals or at a picnic at the park with the girls.  And my radar goes off.  What festivals? Isle of MTV? I mean, we get a couple of good bands and artists yes but we don’t have festivals, we have festa and maybe Beer Fest which is not what they meant by “festivals” I’m sure.

Next one, “picnic at the park with the girls”.  What girl in her right mind would want to go to a picnic in summer.  We don’t even like going to the beach sometimes it’s sooo hot! (Ok, I don’t) Imagine a group of girls, hitting ta’ Qali drinking these alcoholic drinks, no you can’t can you.  And I’m ignoring the “park” reference.  Our parks are “bandli” and you don’t want to be caught drinking alcohol from a can at the bandli!

So you get what I’m saying? Does anybody read these before they publish? I hope the answer is no because if they did and it’s acceptable, I don’t want to live in this world anymore!



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