10 random things about me!

Hello! I’ve been watching loads of YouTube videos lately and everyone’s been doing 25 random things about themselves and I just thought I’d give it a go though I changed it to 10 facts.  If this is boring, I apologize.

1. I have weird phobias.  I am terrified of cows.  I can’t look at cows and if I’m near one I get horrible rashes and feel faint.  And I’m scared of clowns too.  I will however, kill any insect, irrelevant of it’s size without thinking about it twice.

2. I cannot dive in head first into the sea/pool.

3. I can however touch my elbow and my nose with my tongue.

4. I am 4ft10 tall, making me the shortest in my family, group of friends, basically anywhere.

5. I reply to texts instantly, if you message me, I will always answer in less than 2 minutes.

6. I don’t eat cheese unless it’s melted.

7. My favourite book is “Where Rainbows End” by Cecilia Ahern.

8. I will always, and I mean always, get scared when someone says “Can we talk?/ Can I talk to you?”

9. As a very little girl I used to ask my grandma whether I will someday be able to read like adults do.  I am today and have always been, a proud bookworm.

10.Brian Adams took me on stage with him when he gave a concert here in Malta.

That’s it! I’m sure I’ll think of a thousand more once I hit ‘publish’.



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