"Have no idea what to call this post!"

Hello! I swear I can’t even remember the last time I wrote a post.  I am seriously so busy, I know everyone says that but I’ve had so much stuff to do that at the end of the day I just slump down on my bed and sleep.  I’m happy to report that I’m back on two feet…and going strong! I’m still not back in the studio yet but I’m getting there!

Unfortunately May not only brings about exam stress, it also means all TV series end for the season.  And you know me and my series addiction.  Thankfully Pretty Little Liars returns on the 12th of June.  To help me deal with the lack of series in my life, I stupidly started Revenge and… ohmygod!!! I’d been hearing about it for months and I can understand all the hype.  It’s super awesome (and mega addicting).  The only thing is it’s just 2 seasons so far, and I’m already half way through the first.

Anyway, moving on to more important stuff.  I’ve been thinking about writing a post thanking everyone for all the support I’ve been getting but I just can’t get myself to write a whole post without feeling embarrassed.  I just want to say thank you to the people who have been super supportive of me these past couple of months, especially people who like and share my posts and those who come up to me and say something on the lines of “Oh, I read your post, well done”.  You have no idea how much that means to me and I consider myself lucky to have people saying stuff like that.  It’s such a great feeling, so THANK YOU!

As soon as exams are over, I’m hoping to take this more serious, hopefully building my own website and stuff like that, so keep an eye out if you, for whatever reason, enjoy my posts.

Until the next time,

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I am honestly super tired today.  It’s exam time, I’m currently recovering from an injury and I have a busy week ahead.  For some reason, my mind is on over drive rather than on shut down mode.  I was looking at my stats and I realized that my post with 10 facts was really popular so I’m going to do something similar today, though not entirely.

I am going to take the 6 letters which make up my name and talk about anything which pops into my head when I see the particular letter. Here goes…

C – I’m going to go with Camera.  Since I got my iPhone I find I tend to use the camera on that because it gives great pictures and I can just upload them on Facebook or instagram in a second.  I do own a pretty decent bridge camera though and I want to use it more.  A bridge camera for those who don’t know is a camera which bridges between an ordinary digital camera and an SLR.  So basically it’s a pretty decent camera though not super amazing.

L – Lana Del Rey!!! aaa it took me a couple of second to think of something.  If you don’t know who Lana is I’m going to warn you straight away, her voice is different and her songs are weird.  But yours truly adores her.  I listen to her to get inspired, to relax, to sleep and even when I’m angry about something.  I’m not sure what it is about her which makes me like her so much but I think it’s that she’s so different.  I love different.

A – America.  I’ve been to loads of countries and continents, except America, and I really, really want to go there.  I won’t go on about this, I just want to go there, backpack through the states, and see for myself what the fuss is about.

I – Instaaagraaaam! I’m such a fan of this app.  I use it almost daily.  I love how pretty photos look on it but I also love how you can follow famous people and feel like they sent you the pictures privately.  (Mr.Somerhalder and I share loads of photos like that in fact. Hint: Google Ian Somerhalder)

R –  Hmmmm….right! I write with my right hand, but, and this is the cool part, I am ambidextrous, which means I can, if I want, write with my left hand.  I use both hands in fact and I do some things with my left only, like use a mouse or a broom.  Cool, eh?

E – English! As some may know I am reading for a degree and my subsidiary area is English! Yay! I love the language and have always enjoyed studying it.  However, as a little girl this wasn’t the case. My mum wanted me to be bilingual from an early age and so she would speak to me in Maltese and English (not at the same time) but little me would refuse to speak in English and I would put my little fingers in my ears until my mum stopped.  I am still primarily Maltese speaking though I tend to switch if I’m super mad at something.

So there you go…6 letters, 6 facts…


Drinking Habits!

No, I’m not going to confess to a drinking problem. Well, actually, I am.  I have a “bad choice of drink” problem.  Let me explain.  My daily drinks are basically 2: diet soft drink and coffee.  I used to drink plenty of coffee, especially if I’m stressed out which only made me more stressed because of the caffeine which made me drink more.  Diet soft drinks on the other hand were my drink of choice.  I used to not be able to eat a meal without having a glass of diet coke or something of the sort.  And when I had my days were I felt guilty for drinking so much soft drinks, I would shift to flavoured sachets you add to water which are just as bad.

Now I’m a very healthy eater, I eat veggies everyday, I don’t eat fried food and I try to eat only homemade stuff, no frozen foods.  So obviously, this drinking issue had to stop.  Now I’m not saying I don’t drink coffee or soft drinks, but I’ve found a couple of substitutes which are way better and I honestly feel fresher and less full of caffeine.

I love water.  I can drink 2 litres a day easily but that got a bit boring and after reading of the benefits of ice cold lemon water, I gave it a go and I must say, I’m addicted.  You basically pop a couple of ice cubes in a tall glass, chop a lemon into chunks, leaving the skin there for extra flavour.  Make sure you wash the lemon properly of course.  Add water, let it set for a minute or two, and enjoy.  This is so refreshing that it takes away my soft drink craving and makes me top off the glass over and over.

That’s my substitute for soft drinks.  To find a substitute for coffee was way harder.  I’m addicted to the stuff and can drink it over and over.  I thought about tea, though that gives cellulite so I opted out.  Then I tried green tea but the colour alone made me sick and the taste was horrible.  Then I remembered a few years ago  a friend of mine had suggested I drink warm water with some honey, lemon and ginger if I feel a cold coming.  So I tried that, and coffee and I broke up.  This drink is so soothing that I just had to switch to it.  Of course keep the honey to the minimum if you’re watching your weight, but it’s natural stuff so it’s already a step forward.  I honestly can’t go to bed without my little mug of honey, lemon and ginger now.

Coffee is still a friend though and we do occasionally rekindle our relationship, only for a short while though.  Keep that between us! 😉


10 random things about me!

Hello! I’ve been watching loads of YouTube videos lately and everyone’s been doing 25 random things about themselves and I just thought I’d give it a go though I changed it to 10 facts.  If this is boring, I apologize.

1. I have weird phobias.  I am terrified of cows.  I can’t look at cows and if I’m near one I get horrible rashes and feel faint.  And I’m scared of clowns too.  I will however, kill any insect, irrelevant of it’s size without thinking about it twice.

2. I cannot dive in head first into the sea/pool.

3. I can however touch my elbow and my nose with my tongue.

4. I am 4ft10 tall, making me the shortest in my family, group of friends, basically anywhere.

5. I reply to texts instantly, if you message me, I will always answer in less than 2 minutes.

6. I don’t eat cheese unless it’s melted.

7. My favourite book is “Where Rainbows End” by Cecilia Ahern.

8. I will always, and I mean always, get scared when someone says “Can we talk?/ Can I talk to you?”

9. As a very little girl I used to ask my grandma whether I will someday be able to read like adults do.  I am today and have always been, a proud bookworm.

10.Brian Adams took me on stage with him when he gave a concert here in Malta.

That’s it! I’m sure I’ll think of a thousand more once I hit ‘publish’.