Super duper busy!

Hey guys! I haven’t posted in a while just for the simple reason that I’ve been extremely busy with school stuff and dancing and work and all the million things I try to fit in my day! I’m not complaining but it’s been hectic being me!

I’m going to write a relatively simple post today and it’s going to be about things I’m loving at the moment!

First off, the weather! Now I’m not a Summer person, but I can’t help but love this gorgeous weather we’re having! I’m tempted to go have a dip this weekend it’s been so warm and sunny! *happy dance*

Next thing I’m loving is all the new music my favourite artists are putting out! There’s the new Rihanna song, ‘Pour it Up’, the new Chris Brown song ‘Fine China’, which reminded me so much of Michael Jackson and then, to make me super happy Avril Lavigne released a new song from her new album to come out later on this year, ‘Here’s to never growing up’. I’ve always loved Avril and I have a feeling this new album’s going to sound like her old stuff.

I’m also loving the denim trend. How cool are the new playsuits and shirts that are so much in right now? I have to still get hold of some gorgeous pieces, but I’m loving the trend.

I’ve recently also started a new series, because I don’t watch enough already!! I’m watching ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and it’s soo addictive! I’ve never watched anything of the sort.  I wasn’t a Charmed or Supernatural fan but damn this stuff is amazing! It also helps that there’s the oh-so-yummy Ian Somerhalder in it! (Girls, go and google him NOW if you have no idea who he is!)

That’s it basically! I’m sure I’m loving a million other things but I’m too tired to think too hard!

Enjoy the music and Mr.Somerhalder,

PS. The song titles are links to their videos, so you don’t have to look them up!


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