Claire and Eve!

If you have my Facebook or my instagram then you’ve already come across me being overly happy that I am officially collaborating with the amazing  If not, let me explain how it’s all going down.

Basically is this great website where some of Malta’s most amazing writers and bloggers write articles about different things.  From lifestyle tips to fashion to health, basically anything that comes to mind, you’ll find on there.  As you can imagine little miss this and that is super happy to be writing for such a great website alongside so many local bloggers.

I shall be writing in the same style as I do here, that is,I’ll write about any topic which comes to mind and I believe to be of interest to my readers.  And that’s it basically.  You can go to the bloggers’ bio section on their site, find my picture and be directed to all the articles I write.

I’m not just saying the site is great because I’m on it, it’s super cool and unique for Malta, so go and have a look and if you want to keep track of what’s on the site, like the page on Facebook and enjoy, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Claire xxx


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