5 stores we should have in Malta!

I was just going back through some old posts I’ve done and I came across my top 5 series post and the idea to write up a similar post came to me. This time, I’m going to list my top 5 stores which I love and adore but which unfortunately we do not as of yet have here in Malta.

First up, being a java junkie that I am, I have to say Starbucks.  I’m a huge coffee addict and I love different flavours of coffee.  I’m not a fussy person so anything you put in my coffee is fine.  As soon as I land in an airport abroad, I immediately start looking for the Starbucks sign.  At that point, you can keep my luggage, just hand me my cup!  I loved Tim Hortons too when I went to Canada, it’s similar to Starbucks though most of the coffee has a hint of vanilla in it so I prefer Starbucks.

Speaking of Canada, I fell in love with another shop during my visits there; Best Buy.  I love anything technology related and this huge, huge store carries any electronic device you can imagine.  We used to spend hours there just trying out stuff.  Oh, and their customer service? Oh my god…to die for.  They actually give you refund on a product if it’s price is reduced within 15 days of purchase.  That’s not a myth, it actually happened to me with my laptop, which was by the way at a ridiculously cheap price even though it was a brand new model.

Those of you who love fashion and have been to London are probably wondering how I’ve left this next store out.  Well, I’m not.  I’m talking about Primark.  Now I tend to travel to the UK at least once a year and I remember that about 7 or 8 years ago, their stuff was super cheap quality.  You’d buy a top and it would tear as soon as you’d wear it.  But over the last couple of years the quality has improved radically.  For those who don’t know, Primark sell clothes, accessories, make-up and home stuff at really cheap prices and their stuff are spot on trend.  Saying that, I think if Primark opened up in Malta everyone will buy their clothes from there so from that aspect I wouldn’t want it to open up here, but still, over all, I’d be one happy shopper if they did.

The next store I’d love to open here is an Apple Store.  Now some people may argue that we have a local store which is somewhat similar and their concept is the same and I’m not sure to what extent they are affiliated with the original Apple Stores but if you’ve been to Malta’s store and to an actual Apple Store you’ll realize that there’s a huge difference.  Staff at an Apple Store are so, how shall I put it, ‘techy’ I’m not sure, but what I’m trying to say is that the staff, the store itself, it’s just not there yet.  So yeah, scrap the local one and get a real Apple Store.

Last but not least, speaking as a hip hop dancer, please get us Footlocker.  This store sells the most amazing high tops and urban style clothes and hats and basically all that a street dancer would wish for.  I remember going there with my hip hop crew and boy oh boy did we go crazy.  We all ended up buying multiple pairs of shoes and hats.  The prices are actually not that cheap, pretty standard for a Nike pair of shoes for instance, but they have super sales and their reductions are crazy.  I pretty much manage to buy a pair of shoes on sale every time I go there, be it in London, Amsterdam, anywhere!

Pretty long post today.  There’s much much more to add to this list though I stuck with my top 5 this time.  What would you want to see open up in Malta?

Slightly sad and nostalgic,
Claire xxx


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