The Friendliest Day of the Year!

With St.Patrick’s day being next Sunday, I found myself thinking of last year and what I enjoyed and what I didn’t and so I thought of writing my very own version of how to enjoy yourself at the friendliest day of the year without too much hassle.

My first suggestion would be to try to go to the pub or area you’re meeting with your friends a bit earlier.  People tend to be more cheerful on this day and they walk around like there’s no tomorrow, blocking the streets and causing traffic jams.  This year, St.Patrick’s Day is going to be on a Sunday, so I’m guessing more people will turn up and so more traffic.

As those who’ve attended previous celebrations of this day know, you will meet lots of people so in typical 2013 style that means a photo with every person, which, come Monday morning, you’ll find plastered on your Facebook wall.  So for those of us who love looking good, you want an outfit that looks good photographed but also that shows you’re having fun.  Keep in mind that if you’re going to be bar hopping, you’re going to be on your feet a lot, so heels should be avoided, and if you’re going to wear tights, try thicker styles to avoid them tearing half way through the day.  Also, wear something which would look good during the day but would be OK if you stay on ’till the evening.

Also a result of everyone being so friendly on this day, people will buy you drinks,specifically beer, and since people tend to meet up early and party on ’till late evening, you might want to take it easy.  Beer in the sun for 6 hours straight is not something which will give you sprinkles of fun the next day, so stick to lighter beer for cleaner fun.

I would say wear green but I look so hideous in green that no amount of pinching (people get to pinch you if you’re not wearing green on this day) will make me ever wear anything green, in fact I don’t own anything in that colour.  I would suggest though you try to get some sort of hat which they usually sell at pubs on the day, the big ones with lots of beer brands on them.  It’s super fun walking around in one of those and you get to not worry about the state of your hair!

That’s it basically! Enjoy your day, drink responsibly and most importantly, have fun!


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