Would you wear this?

I was just refreshing my Instagram feed this morning (not that I do that a lot or something) when I came across a pair of jeans Rihanna was wearing in a picture she shared.  I saw the jeans, thought ‘What the hell?’ and moved on.  But later in the afternoon, whilst browsing online I found several articles about this pair of jeans.  No, the area of interest was not the back of the jeans, but the front….

Rihanna showing off her two pairs of jeans outfit
Rihanna wearing the jeans at last night’s River Island collaboration launch

Princess RiRi took double denim to a whole new level.  She wore this look at the launch of her collaboration with River Island and the jeans are part of this new collection.  I’m honestly not a fan of the whole double waistband thing, given how short I am, I’m sure it won’t look good on me and make me look even shorter, but who knows if the trend will pick up.  I’ve seen weirder things become popular and they’re only weird at first, we then seem to get used to them.

So what do you think? Would you wear these jeans? Or is it too much of a Rihanna-esque style which only she can pull off?


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