Hello 2013!

Hey there! Hope you had a fantastic time these holidays.  We’re approaching the end of the first week of the year which means we have to put the tree away, eat what mince pies are left quickly and get back to our dear friend real life.

Now I can’t write the first post of the year without talking about New Year’s resolutions.  We all do them right? I mean the only reason people don’t do them is either because they never keep them or because they love their life just the way it is.  But unless they are Bruno Mars, I’m guessing the last reason is not so common.

But for those who believe in new year’s resolution, this time of year is crucial.  You have to properly plan out the year by listing things you want to achieve and if you don’t, you’ve wasted a whole year of your life, right? Ok, sarcasm aside.  I actually did keep last year’s resolution.  Yes, I’m that kind of person who could only think of one thing I could improve, and that was to remove and stay away from negative energy, where possible of course.  I actually think I was very successful.  I stayed away from things which were not worth the energy, people who only brought about negativity and I can say, in general, I think that really helped improve my life in a way.

This year’s resolution is something I must work harder on.  No, it’s not going to the gym every day.  In that area I’m actually doing the opposite because I’m staying away from the gym all through January. Reasons being: A. I’m recovering from a foot injury.  B. I have exams in a few weeks and I’d rather spend the time studying C. The gym is going to be full of people attempting to fulfill their new year’s resolution of hitting the gym.  And I can’t be around people in sweats who are proud of themselves whilst I’m still stuffing my face with Xmas log.  So yeah, gym sessions resume in February.

This year I shall try to be less paranoid.  I am a terribly paranoid person.  For example, if I find a missed call on my phone I immediately think something bad has happened.  In fact, my friends and relatives have clear instruction to send me a text saying nothing’s wrong but please call back.  The same can be said for when somebody tells me “we need to talk about something”.  I seriously start sweating and feel dizzy.  So yeah, this year I shall try to be less paranoid.

Apart from that I look forward to new opportunities I’m hoping come my way, getting back to the studio (damn injury) and of course, be happy.

Hello 2013!