My Top 5 Series!

So a friend of mine, well a couple of friends actually, tend to ask me what series they should start, which is most addictive, which one should they watch with their boyfriends, you know, advice from a series junkie like me.  So I’m going to post a few of my top favourites, not just current even old ones. Comment if you guys want to add something, I love it when you do.

1. All time favourite
This, without any doubts, goes to the one and only Desperate Housewives.  The show ended last year after an amazing 9 year run.  The show, for those few who haven’t heard anything about it is based on the lives of 4 housewives and their lives on Wysteria Lane.  I love the show mostly because of 2 things; 1. It mixes drama and comedy so well without going too much over the top with one or the other.  2.  Although new characters come and go with every season, the core characters always remain and that sense of continuity make the show more enjoyable.  It also had an amazing ending, unlike some series which give you an ending which leaves you hanging.  Also, both guys and girls enjoyed the show so that’s a bonus.

2.Couples Retreat
I actually never watch series with my boyfriend just because we simply never agree on stuff like this.  He’s the sci-fi guy, I’m the gossipy fashionista lover, but this year I discovered the oh so gorgeous Matt Bomer and his show White Collar.  And finally, the beau and myself can enjoy a good 40 minutes watching TV together.  The show is basically about an ex-con and the FBI agent who arrests him.  There’s a good balance of humor, mystery and hotness drama which makes the show enjoyable for both guys and girls. 

3.Calling all girls

If you haven’t heard of the next show, it’s either because you have been leaving on Mars or because you..well there’s no excuse, you’ve definitely heard of Gossip Girl.  This little show took off 5 years ago, when blogging and such was still a bit less popular than it was today.  So you have the web, hot teens who look impeccable even if they are run over by a car and loads and loads of money.  Add fashion to that and there you go mother-chucker (sorry couldn’t resist),you’ve got yourself  one hell of a show.  It comes to an end in a few weeks, so you have 6 great seasons to watch if you want to start now.  

4.Anatomy of a disaster
One guess which show I’m going to talk about next? Well, for those who have no clue what this slightly addicted girl is talking about, I’m talking about Grey’s Anatomy.  I started watching this season almost as soon as it started out and although recently it’s actually not been it’s best. I still can’t take myself away from this medical-drama.  It’s become slightly predictive, being in its 9th season and all but it’s still not a show I would stop watching.  It’s cool if you love medical-dramas a’ la ER, but it’s also not for those who are too squeamish.  I’ve watched entire episodes with a pillow by my side to cover my eyes.  Oh. and grab a packet of tissues whilst you’re at it.

5.scAry, AmAzing stuff
And last but not least, Pretty Little Liars…yaaaay.  Thought I was going to leave that out didn’t you? No! So, again… amazing show.  I can’t really explain much in a short paragraph, heck we’re in season 3 and most things are still not explained.  But basically a group of 5 girls share loads of secrets, then one of them is killed and the girls start being stalked by this ‘A’ person.  The show is highly addictive and very, very, very, mind blowing at times. (I’ve screamed at the TV on more than one occassion)  No seriously, the show is a great one, the only negative thing I would mention is that it’s split up into 2 half seasons, one in Summer, the rest starting from January which means between September and January, we are left with a gigantic cliff-hanger.

So there you go, my top 5.  Any suggestions for new stuff I haven’t seen is greatly appreciated! Enjoy!