What I’m loving!

Hey there! =)

Those of you who follow some sort of blog, mainly fashion and cosmetics ones, they tend to have particular types of posts which are done at some point.  Today I decided to the a very common type, the “what I’m loving” post.  I’ve mostly seen this with people talking about what products or trends they love but since my blog is much more random, I’m going to pick up a couple of things I’m loving, and blab on about them!

1. Season Premieres.
Being the TV series junkie that I am, October is my happy month because after a whole Summer of watching old episodes of my favourite series, I get to have new episodes to watch every week.  As I’ve said in previous posts, I watch a ton of different series and for me there’s nothing like an evening with my Chuck Bass or Mr.McDreamy.  Plus creators go that extra mile in premiers and finales so episodes are uber special.  

2. Catrice and essence cosmetics!
Did you notice the exclamation mark at the end? Well if you didn’t it’s there to show how excited I am about these products.  I’ve always loved make up and stuff, you know I’m a girl, but these 2 brands take my love to another level.  They are amazing quality and all the colours and types of products I love are available in one or the other.  But that’s not the best thing about them.  They’re extremely cheap.  And  by cheap I mean, these brands are the Primark of make-up only quality is really amazing.  I’m not going into a lot of detail about what I got because that’s not the type of blog I do, but to give you an idea, foundation, translucent powder and 1 nail polish cost only 10.22 Euro.  I’ve never even bough foundation at that price let alone all three products.  The only draw back is that the Health Shop at University stocks them, and our health shop is situated right below the canteen.  So every time I have to go to the canteen, I get to drag myself away from going the blessed shop.

This amazing band is my latest discovery and I simply love their music.  They are considered as pop/rock so they are a bit too commercial for my liking but the lead singer’s voice is very different that I couldn’t help get addicted.  They’re also not bad to look at and they have that English boy look thing going on which I absolutely adore.  I’ll post a song of theirs in the end so hang in there.

4. Sarcastic Memes
These have been around for a while but lately I am just addicted.  It’s even funnier when they’re shared around and I get to read one from a friend’s Facebook and then share it on to another friend who has the same sense of humour as I do.  My recent favourite has to be the 50s style poster with some sarcastic or snide comment.  

I mean seriously, this is some funny shit!

And last but not least, Mr.Psy.  This ridiculous South Korean dude sings in Korean and we don’t get a word of what he’s saying except for the “heeeeey sexy lady” which is repeated a couple of times.  But, the dude also combines this singing with a choreography which is wrong on so many levels that I can’t believe I actually like this dude.  I’m not sure if it’s funny because it’s so bad or if it’s funny because it’s actually funny.  I’m addicted anyway and I need my daily Psy fix to get through my days, don’t judge! Oh, the song’s called “Gangnam Style”, just in case you haven’t heard!

Anyway, that’s it basically, my attempt at the “What I’m loving” post! Feedback and comments are always a plus!