Hi there! How’s everyone doing?

I’m hoping that this post will help me deal with a particular embarrassing issue better.  So as everyone, or anyone that uses the internet all the time knows that anything that is of relevance requires one having an account.  Be it Facebook, Twitter, email, you name it, we all have loads of accounts.  But that’s not what’s bothering me.  I recently started using my Vodafone account again and I realized that you can’t actually change he username.  Now you see I’ve been a Vodafone customer for over 7 years now and 7 years ago I was still in that awesome age where I thought my name was the best thing ever and I had to simply declare it to everyone.  So my account’s username is now, 7 years later, still Claire_d_best.  Thank God I don’t have to actually show it to anyone but still if I had an error and needed to call customer care or something and they ask for my username, I’m sure I’m going to actually hang up and try to solve the issue myself because no way am I going to tell the ever so cheerful customer folks “Hi yes my user name is Claire underscore the underscore best”.  I’d probably end up making a joke and mention that I did my account when I was 13 and when not having an underscore was like not having Whatsapp today.

I mean, I do get that as we grow older we actually look back at stuff and realize how silly we were, heck that’s the only  part of the fun of growing up, but do we actually have to keep these silly usernames.  Could we maybe come up with an app or a program which warns us that we are about to do something which will embarrass us in the future? That’s not a bad idea actually.  After all, the people who created Angry Birds were a husband and wife who came up with the idea at home whilst the wife was cooking (no kitchen joke intended here).

So tell me guys, any embarrassing usernames or stuff you have online which you would love to change?


 That’s the song that actually comes to mind when I think of good old 13 year old me!