The heat is on!

Hello Readers!

Recently I’ve been finding myself to be a very indecisive person.  Those who know me know that I am a horrible control freak, I literally freak out big time if stuff are out of my control  in my life or if things do not go as planned.  However recently I’ve noticed that I’ve been having dilemmas on stuff.  Tiny stuff but still out of character for me.  For instance, in this horrible heat, I can’t decide whether I want the AC in my room on or off.  Off makes my room unbearable and when I switch it on I can only stand it for 5 minutes, then I have to switch it off.  Now that’s one example, but I’ve had many.  It could be the heat, or it could be that I am actually slowly losing my mind.

As you guys know (if you don’t please refer to blog title above) my posts have no particular genre and I post on anything.  I’ve commented on music and current issues and today I’m going to try my hand at giving a film review and I shall be discussing Magic Mike, yeah the male strippers movie.  So all over Facebook and Twitter and stuff we’ve been seeing shirtless pictures of Channing Tatum and his six pack sporting costars and there’s been hype about the movie for some time, so me and the girls decided to treat ourselves to a little eye candy and go watch the movie.  And I was disappointed.  Okay, the sexy scenes were hot and the guys looked amazing whilst being funny at times.  However, the plot seemed to be a little flat.  The part which should have been the most exciting ended up being the final scene which was cut quite suddenly.  The acting was OK, however filming seemed awkward.  I’m not sure if the quality of the movie changes depending on where you go and watch the movie, but for us it seemed as though the whole movie was shot using Instagram.  Channing was his awesome self yes, however, he was supposed to be a stripper and I honestly felt as though his scenes were auditions for Step Up, little choreographies full of hip hop moves and little stripping.  All in all I would probably not recommend this movie, I’d say skip it and watch it at home where you can fast forward to the sic pack bits only.  Oh, and a warning for the Matthew Mcconaughey fans out there, our dearly beloved Matthew is getting old, and he looks it in this movie! *insert funeral music here*

So that’s it for today, I hope all of you are having a great Summer.  Enjoy it while it lasts as it will soon be over, days are already getting shorter in fact!

My song for this post is the new song from P!nk who as always never fails to disappoint.


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