Get in line…and settle down!

Well, hello World! How you been?

I haven’t posted in ages, I think it was back in June when I was still doing exams and stuff so I’ll use this post to give an update on what’s been going on in my life at the moment.  Summer’s been great so far, the usual beach, parties, going out and work.  I’m sticking to the list I made earlier on this year, with the exception of sewing. The reading’s been going great and I can’t keep myself away from my Kindle! Yay!

I’ve also started re-watching Desperate Housewives.  Although I was a fan for years, I just realized I’ve never actually seen season 1 and it’s just as awesome as the rest, so I’m enjoying some new episodes.  Considering how crappy Pretty Little Liars has become, I had to find some other TV show to let my mind turn to mush for some time.

My first proper attempt at using Photoshop.

I’ve also taken up a new hobby. Photography.  I went out and got myself a semi decent DSLR, nothing out of this world but it takes a good picture and it makes using Photoshop much more fun.  I’ll attach a photo that I played around with this morning so you can get an idea of what I’ve been doing.  I love really close close-ups, making the picture a bit weird.  Might I note that in no way do I consider myself some great photographer and I promise that there won’t be any “My Photography” albums on Facebook anytime soon, I’ll just post pictures which I think are pretty just like I’ll post a song which I’ll think is good.  Fair right?

Songs. How awesome is the new song by No Doubt? I was a bit “eh” when I heard they were making their comeback, considering the last couple of songs Gwen had released were nothing special.  BUT they managed to make me hit the repeat button on Youtube a couple of times, something I never do.  The song’s catchy chorus has had me singing  belting out the lyrics non stop.  I was also amazed at how beautiful Gwen Stefani still is.  Not only is she a mother of two but she’s 42 and looks honestly I think she could pass for 28.  I love how she wears stuff together which would be weird on normal people but she makes them look so ordinary as though she just picked two pieces off a rail and went just went out.  The video for the song is cute, especially the part with the band hugging as though they haven’t seen each other for a while, gives the whole comeback thing a sweet touch.  What didn’t impress me was the straight out ads for stuff.  We get a close up shot of the Ice Watches they band members are wearing and the lipgloss shot is also too much of an ad for me.

That’s it for today, I’ll try and post stuff more often.  ‘Till then, enjoy Summer as much as possible,