Kill me now! I’m on the verge of  a breakdown and of course…I vent in my blog!  I’m stuck studying this stupid Psychology credit…I simply can’t understand how Aphasia will help me with PR later on in my career.  But anyway, I have to do it and it will be over on Tuesday.  (If you hear fireworks coming from the Mosta area…that’s me celebrating)

Oh, firework season is here. YAY! Now I understand that locally, our fireworks are really good, and we win all sorts of awards and titles, but I simply cannot understand the fascination with them.  I know they’re amazing, but all I can hear is BUM BUM.  You see yesterday a dear friend invited us over to his place to see these fireworks because they are set off really close to his house.  We were eating and drinking and drinking and anyway you get it.  Now the fireworks started at 9 30.  I only realized they had started at around 11, I looked up, appreciated the colours for 35 seconds and went back to my drink.  Now people all over the place were looking up and appreciating the stuff and I’m sure that they were amazing, but I just can’t get myself to be fascinated by them.  Am I missing a Maltese gene somewhere? (ah, psychology came in handy finally…I used the word “gene”) I consider myself very patriotic, but me and fireworks, we never hit it off.

Now I must apologize but exam stress has led to me feeling so funny.  I laugh at my own jokes and believe I’m this hilarious person, so if I say something which is stupid and completely out of context, please note that I think it’s funny.  Yes, I am on the verge of a mental breakdown.  (darn psychology reference again…) I actually want to laugh out loud at anything, something I utterly hate.  I never understand why some people feel the need to giggle or laugh for nothing in particular.  Don’t they realize that they look really stupid and annoy the shit out of me? I guess not.  These people who laugh for no particular reason should switch their laughing to crying for no particular reason, maybe that way they will realize how silly they look.

And I’m starting to complain about stuff which means it’s time I shut my mouth and go back to the books.

Have a great Sunday y’all,
– C

I made a joke about this song yesterday and I thought it was soooo funny…so I’m putting this one up.


3 thoughts on “LOL

  1. Beloved friend.. all this psychology will drive you nuts but on a positive its making you realise how funny it is to laugh out of nothing which you do not only when your stressed. (for the sake of your followers i've known this girl for a while). Now that i've said my insulting part, its still great that you are laughing your way to Mount Carmel hospital. Good luck for your next stop on Tuesday.

  2. OH god.. this morning claire i realized the same thing.. we had all those amazing fireworks on top of us.. and if i saw 20 seconds of the show it was alot.. we were so caught up in drinking and chatting haha we got carried away.. but the fireworks were nice( i think haha). we study alot of shit that we dont need butt thats lifee eyyy.. maybe someday will get something from all this..and for the song HILLARIOUSSS 😛 ifimni ttyl xxxxxxxx

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