Some general reviewing!

Hang in there kids…summer is less than a week away…for me! Anyway most people are ready so I won’t offend anyone by bragging!

I was busy with a difficult exam, hence my lack of posts.  I recently came across posts and photos on Tom Hank’s blog from when he was in Malta, and I was so surprised by how much he enjoyed the little things we tale for granted. He took pictures of him having a meal at St.Julians, probably Paparazzi or something like that, and the comments were mind blowing.  People were saying all sorts of positive things about Malta, and the patriotic side of me was over the moon.  We take our country for granted so often that it takes someone like Tom Hanks to make us realize how lucky we are to live here.  To be honest, I never actually thought about Malta not being a great country, it’s the Malteseres who are the problem, but that’s another post topic I’ll tackle another time.  I’m going to add another item to my never ending Summer 2012 to-do list and make sure I appreciate all the little things in Malta we take for granted.

Now moving on to something completely different, a couple of months ago I bought a Kindle (for those who don’t know, its an awesome ebook gadget,with incredible clarity). Being a B.A student in English, I bought it for University,however the kindle has not left my side since I’ve bought it. And no, I do not study that much  I’ve always been a bookworm, but the Kindle has taken things to a whole new level.  Not having to buy books, for one, allows me to finish a book and start another immediately.  Not carrying around heavy books in my handbag, is another.  Looking cool and explaining to people the awesomeness of the gadget is just a bonus.  You also loose track of how far you are, because obviously you can’t see pages, and that for me is so cool because I can immerse myself in the story without the usual anticipation that something will soon happen because I’m nearing the end.  So, if you love reading, enjoy gadgets, and have some extra cash, invest in a Kindle, and believe me, you will not regret it.  (oh and it’s effect is contagious, a friend and my mum both now have one!)

I have to hit the books again, damn it!

Hopefully the next time I post I’ll be sipping a cocktail on the beach! =P


Song is just as random as my post today. Enjoy the newly revamped Cheryl, formerly Cheryl Cole, ex-wife of the oh-so-handsome-yet-lady-named Ashley Cole.



Kill me now! I’m on the verge of  a breakdown and of course…I vent in my blog!  I’m stuck studying this stupid Psychology credit…I simply can’t understand how Aphasia will help me with PR later on in my career.  But anyway, I have to do it and it will be over on Tuesday.  (If you hear fireworks coming from the Mosta area…that’s me celebrating)

Oh, firework season is here. YAY! Now I understand that locally, our fireworks are really good, and we win all sorts of awards and titles, but I simply cannot understand the fascination with them.  I know they’re amazing, but all I can hear is BUM BUM.  You see yesterday a dear friend invited us over to his place to see these fireworks because they are set off really close to his house.  We were eating and drinking and drinking and anyway you get it.  Now the fireworks started at 9 30.  I only realized they had started at around 11, I looked up, appreciated the colours for 35 seconds and went back to my drink.  Now people all over the place were looking up and appreciating the stuff and I’m sure that they were amazing, but I just can’t get myself to be fascinated by them.  Am I missing a Maltese gene somewhere? (ah, psychology came in handy finally…I used the word “gene”) I consider myself very patriotic, but me and fireworks, we never hit it off.

Now I must apologize but exam stress has led to me feeling so funny.  I laugh at my own jokes and believe I’m this hilarious person, so if I say something which is stupid and completely out of context, please note that I think it’s funny.  Yes, I am on the verge of a mental breakdown.  (darn psychology reference again…) I actually want to laugh out loud at anything, something I utterly hate.  I never understand why some people feel the need to giggle or laugh for nothing in particular.  Don’t they realize that they look really stupid and annoy the shit out of me? I guess not.  These people who laugh for no particular reason should switch their laughing to crying for no particular reason, maybe that way they will realize how silly they look.

And I’m starting to complain about stuff which means it’s time I shut my mouth and go back to the books.

Have a great Sunday y’all,
– C

I made a joke about this song yesterday and I thought it was soooo funny…so I’m putting this one up.