Dear Readers,

Please excuse me if I make lots of typos today, I’ve been studying all day and I’m seeing double.  If you follow my posts on a regular basis, you have probably realized that I’ve been posting more often.  And today, I’m going to tell you the secret why.  You see, the more work I’ve got to do, the closer exams get, the more inspired I feel.  See, I knew exams had to be there for a reason.  No but I’m serious, not just for those studying out there, but for everyone in general, do you find that you get distracted more often when you have something you really have to do.  Notice I said  have and not want.

For example today, I suddenly had an urge to clean weird surfaces, like the fan next to me, the window netting.  I just suddenly wanted to clean.  I know some psychology person will say it’s probably an extension of my inner fear or stress ( they do that those people, put lots of fancy words together when they could have easily said something like “you’re freaked the hell out”, but anyway) My theory on what’s wrong with me, I’m bored.  So I clean, and post over here. (Hopefully not boring anyone)

Another thing I realized today is that the weather in Malta is…wait for it (How I Met Your Mother fans..how awesome are Lily and Marshall, calling their kid waitforit??)…not HOT!  I’m still wearing long pants and denim jackets and hoodies and all the stuff I love in Winter.  Not that I’m complaining, I hate the heat with a passion, but seriously what is up with that?  It’s June next week and it’s still really chilly in the evenings.  Do you think the End of the world could realllly be coming? Nah, it’s probably Mother Nature’s way of telling us to be prepared for one hell of a warm Summer ahead.  Kill me now if that’s the case.

Anyway, I didn’t do that many errors, so I’m stopping here before I do.



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