I said it first!

Of course I’m gonna do a Eurovision post.  If I don’t it’s like a Maltese seven year old decides that he doesn’t want to do his Holy Communion.  This year I decided I won’t follow what’s going on, because it’s useless and we never go anywhere.  But then that damn Kurt Calleja (and team, please don’t forget the AND TEAM) had to go and make it through to the final round.  I must make myself clear.  I honestly believed it was one of the top 3 performances we have ever presented, alongside Ira’s and Chiara’s number one trip.  So yeah, I have my eurovision fever on.

It’s obviously understood that we go all crazy during this time.  Our little island is mentioned several times in one night, why wouldn’t we be proud?  I have never understood why the Government insists on spending hundreds every year instead of supporting acts like Winter Moods or all those other really great bands or dancers or whatever.  But this year I finally realized what the whole thing is.  If we ever (God help us all then) win, the publicity we would get would be huge and our tourism, which is basically our only resource of income, would go sky high.  Have you ever realized how beautiful Azerbaijan is? I for sure haven’t, but now I do and it’s on my list of places I want to go.  So yeah, keep on funding the contest, maybe one day we’ll make it.

Now on to the actual songs. (see what I mean, it’s not about the songs, we talk of the songs last, or at least I do.) Obviously Sweden is going to win, no question about that.  What is funny though is how people are saying that Sweden is going to win as though they were the ones to come up with that idea and then when Sweden actually wins, they will all be proud of themselves that they had in some status or another said that Sweden will win.  Book-whatever they are called (i can never remember what the guys who give the odds are called…but you know which ones) have been putting it in number 1 for months now, so yeah we all know who’s winning.  You can rule out Greece, Malta and the hideous songs.  So you have Greece who will definately not win, for obvious reason, we will not win because the song isn’t thaaat good, and the hideous songs, well they’re hideous.  That leaves 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place open for Germany, Norway, old ladies and Turkey.  Germany is my close second…but like I said on a Facebook status, it sounds too American, and songs like that never win.  Norway’s song sucks and he looks like a Ken-gone-wrong, but he’ll be a favorite for sure.  The old ladies, I love, but they have just ruined the contest for next yeat…it’s going to be like St.Vincent De Paule put up a talent show. Remember Lordi, well you can’t forget them, we get a couple of Lordi-like bands every year.

So that’s it…that’s Eurovision post done.  I can now relax knowing that the duty to my country has been made.  Enjoy the night guys…don’t scream too much and don’t say you knew Sweden will win, I said it first!=P
2 videos today…Kurt’s and Germany’s songs!


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