What you laughing at?

So today, after 4 hours locked up in the library, I decided to pop down to the toilet, stretch my legs, and get some fresh air.  As most of you know, here in Malta we have horrible weather at the moment, Global warming and all that.  And today was really windy.  So as soon as I was walking out the door my hair was all over the place.  I badly need a trim because my hair is growing too long now, soon going to strangle myself at night.  So anyway, the wind blew my hair and I found the next window, stopped, and arranged my hair,put my fringe back in place, and anyway after approximately 30-40 seconds doing that, I realized I was staring right into a professor’s office, with him staring right at me. (I’m hoping it wasn’t the Rector, because I sincerely have no idea where his office is).  I froze there and then, him still looking at me and the I turned and bolted.  The dude was on a swivvel chair for god’s sake, he could have moved a bit so I could realize he was there, but anyway, when I got over my shock, I realized the whole thing was extremely funny and would make a good story (I hope it does or else I just wasted 2 minutes of your time whilst you read that)

I actually love embarassing moments stories, they can make any dull conversation so much better.  As long as you can laugh at yourself.  I love laughing at myself.  If it was silly, then I why shouldn’t I laugh.  I hate people who don’t embrase these moments and try to justify that what they did wasn’t stupid or funny.  Life is so frickin’ serious all the time, so what if someone laughs at my expense.

Also today, my parents were invited to a concert of some sort, and my mum yelled to my father not to forget l-invit (the invite) and my dad though she said l-inbid (the wine).  Now my dad, being the patient man he is asked my mum why she’d need it? To which she answered “Heq to give it to the guard at the entrance eh so he can let us in”.  Now I was witnessing all this from the next room, and I could immediately see my dad trying to figure out what sort of concert needed my mum to take a bottle of wine with her to let them in.  After I let him look puzzled for about 2 minutes I couldn’t take it any longer and burst our laughing saying “she hahahaha said hahaha l-invit”  My mum then came down and saw us both crying with laughter, thinking we have finally lost it.

But do you get the point? My dad laughed his head off at himself, and it made the whole thing even funnier. I love that.  If only we all could be like that, right?

I’d love to hear your embarassing moments, I did give you two stories in one post you know.

 I know I should post a song, but I really and truly can’t think of anything, so I’m skipping that today! Feel free to suggest any song you think goes well with this post and I’ll add it and give the person a shout out!


2 thoughts on “What you laughing at?

  1. CLAIRE!!! you're hilarius – I really wish I was that professor at that point to so I do the same thing you were doing..:Dre song – the ones that came to mind with this are Rockstar by Nickleback or Pink by Aerosmith…:)re embarrassing moment will tell you face to face…:p..!btw – WELL DONE, love reading your blog!xxx

  2. I wish it was you…would have been even funnier! =)Thanks a lot, love your support! Rockstar is awesome for this post, I'll put that up later and give a shout out…just as promised. =) xxxxx Claire

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