Press Play

 I inverted my usual pattern today, as you can see.  Instead of ending with a song which was inspired by my post, I’m posting the song which inspired my post.  So while you’re reading this…press play and enjoy.

I’m not posting anything long today, just a quick post during my mini-study breaks.  How awesome is this song, right?  You’re probably not in the Joseph Calleja part yet, so keep on listening.  Winter Moods have been my favourite local band for as long as I can remember, mostly because they never gave in to being like everyone else.  They kick ass at ballads, so they stuck to ballads.  But then, they put Calleja in the mix, that way gaining more fans(go play this to your Nannu who loves La Boheme…see what he thinks =P) AND the publicity of our local star.  Aren’t they little geniuses? Usually in Malta, the problem is we lack innovation, but not these guys.

I seriously hope this song gets as much air time as possible and maybe the band will get recognition abroad through Calleja, because they truly deserve it.

OK, study break over.  Go on Facebook,and share the song…it deserves to be HUGE!



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