Hey..where are you?

So tomorrow a great friend (and a fan of my blogs..yay =) ) is organizing a special birthday BBQ.  It’s the first of many I’m sure and I’m super excited.  I love the beach, especially Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, where we’re going.  So I bought the the meat and the sausages etc…and I got thinking..what’s my favourite part of BBQ?? Hmmm could it be the company, the semi-raw food? NO.  It’s the people who come late.  So half the group decided to go swimming before the BBQ and the other half come later.  And it all begins.  Mobiles are left in the bag, so it’s after about half an hour that we realize they’re ringing. And here goes:

“Hey where are you?”
“Ghajn Tuffieha” – Stupid answer number 1
“Yes sweet but where?”
” Can you see a group with a BBQ set?”- No because I’m in the middle of the Jungle and all I can see are trees and monkeys
“Yes I see the BBQ…but not you…”
Mela…I’m wearing a light pink bikini…and the boys are running around with a ball…can you see us now?”- Yes because all the other boys are playing chess and our group is the only one with a ball.
” No ta’ can’t seem to see you”
“Wait mela, let me get someone else to explain”
“Hey where are you?”
“Ghajn Tuffieha”

And that goes on until some less lazy person decides to go walk 50 meters for the newcomer.  Now the person on the beach has already probably drank a couple of beers so an unusual calm is upon him/her.  But the person just arriving is hot, annoyed at the fact that he/she hasn’t had any beers yet, and probably carrying a gazzilion coolers and bags.  Because you see, in Malta, when you go to a BBQ, you take enough food for everyone, and all you feel like eating is a sausage and a packet of galletti and Bigilla.

So please, those who go earlier than others, don’t be lazy this summer.  You’ll be helping someone swear less. =P

Safe BBQing people! =P



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