Take me back…back to Summer Paradise!

Hey! Blogger has been calling my name for a couple of days now and after fighting the urge to stop mid-way through studying to blog,  I finally gave in.  I haven’t posted for a while because when I had started this I promised myself that I will only write when I feel inspired, not restricting myself to a particular time or day.

I can’t believe summer is just round the corner.  I hadn’t actually realized how close we are (even though my school calendar reminds me on a daily basis that we are getting closer to June) ’till I started to feel the heat.  It started with the car being too hot, my room too warm.  Now I already can’t bear socks unless I’m wearing shoes and my winter quilt is nicely packed away.  So yeah, summer is close.  I’ve decided that this Summer, just in case it’s the last Summer before the world ends (not really the reason, but anyway), is going to be my summer of new possibilities.

I intend to learn how to sew, amidst all the mocking by my dear family and friends, I’m still going to do it and by the end of summer, I’m going to be able to post a photo of what I’ve actually sewn.  That’s a promise.  I intend to read a whole lot everything and anything.  When I was a little girl, summer was pure bliss because of the simple fact that I could spend 12 hours reading, book after book.  This summer I intend to do just that, not for 12 hours obviously, but instead of pushing the refresh button on Facebook a gazzilion times a day, I’m going to try and be just like my little self was.

I also want to take up art again.  I could do something with a pencil back in the day, but school got in the way and I haven’t drawn or painted anything since my o’level and I miss it.  Obviously I want to eat as many raw sausages full of charcoal bits as possible.  It wouldn’t be Sumer without the BBQs right?  Only I’m going to try and take it slow this year.  Last year I had an average of 2-3 BBQs per weekend, yes one on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  As much as I loved every one of them, by mid August I got so sick of BBQ food that I would end up eating at home and then just chill at the beach. Ohhh and I want to sleep under the stars on the beach this year too.

I’m a bit too ambitious though. right? Considering that this is my shortest Summer in 4 years and I have to juggle work and dancing as well, I hope I’m not getting in over my head here!

So what do you guys want this Summer? Anything which might interest me enough to add to my never ending list?  =)

I nearly forgot my song part, I’m going to go for my all time favourite band for this post, Simple Plan, with their song Summer Paradise feat. K’Naan and NOT Sean Paul.  I hate it when bands go all commercial on me…so I’m sticking with the original one found on their album. Enjoy!


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