Dear Readers,

Please excuse me if I make lots of typos today, I’ve been studying all day and I’m seeing double.  If you follow my posts on a regular basis, you have probably realized that I’ve been posting more often.  And today, I’m going to tell you the secret why.  You see, the more work I’ve got to do, the closer exams get, the more inspired I feel.  See, I knew exams had to be there for a reason.  No but I’m serious, not just for those studying out there, but for everyone in general, do you find that you get distracted more often when you have something you really have to do.  Notice I said  have and not want.

For example today, I suddenly had an urge to clean weird surfaces, like the fan next to me, the window netting.  I just suddenly wanted to clean.  I know some psychology person will say it’s probably an extension of my inner fear or stress ( they do that those people, put lots of fancy words together when they could have easily said something like “you’re freaked the hell out”, but anyway) My theory on what’s wrong with me, I’m bored.  So I clean, and post over here. (Hopefully not boring anyone)

Another thing I realized today is that the weather in Malta is…wait for it (How I Met Your Mother fans..how awesome are Lily and Marshall, calling their kid waitforit??)…not HOT!  I’m still wearing long pants and denim jackets and hoodies and all the stuff I love in Winter.  Not that I’m complaining, I hate the heat with a passion, but seriously what is up with that?  It’s June next week and it’s still really chilly in the evenings.  Do you think the End of the world could realllly be coming? Nah, it’s probably Mother Nature’s way of telling us to be prepared for one hell of a warm Summer ahead.  Kill me now if that’s the case.

Anyway, I didn’t do that many errors, so I’m stopping here before I do.



I said it first!

Of course I’m gonna do a Eurovision post.  If I don’t it’s like a Maltese seven year old decides that he doesn’t want to do his Holy Communion.  This year I decided I won’t follow what’s going on, because it’s useless and we never go anywhere.  But then that damn Kurt Calleja (and team, please don’t forget the AND TEAM) had to go and make it through to the final round.  I must make myself clear.  I honestly believed it was one of the top 3 performances we have ever presented, alongside Ira’s and Chiara’s number one trip.  So yeah, I have my eurovision fever on.

It’s obviously understood that we go all crazy during this time.  Our little island is mentioned several times in one night, why wouldn’t we be proud?  I have never understood why the Government insists on spending hundreds every year instead of supporting acts like Winter Moods or all those other really great bands or dancers or whatever.  But this year I finally realized what the whole thing is.  If we ever (God help us all then) win, the publicity we would get would be huge and our tourism, which is basically our only resource of income, would go sky high.  Have you ever realized how beautiful Azerbaijan is? I for sure haven’t, but now I do and it’s on my list of places I want to go.  So yeah, keep on funding the contest, maybe one day we’ll make it.

Now on to the actual songs. (see what I mean, it’s not about the songs, we talk of the songs last, or at least I do.) Obviously Sweden is going to win, no question about that.  What is funny though is how people are saying that Sweden is going to win as though they were the ones to come up with that idea and then when Sweden actually wins, they will all be proud of themselves that they had in some status or another said that Sweden will win.  Book-whatever they are called (i can never remember what the guys who give the odds are called…but you know which ones) have been putting it in number 1 for months now, so yeah we all know who’s winning.  You can rule out Greece, Malta and the hideous songs.  So you have Greece who will definately not win, for obvious reason, we will not win because the song isn’t thaaat good, and the hideous songs, well they’re hideous.  That leaves 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place open for Germany, Norway, old ladies and Turkey.  Germany is my close second…but like I said on a Facebook status, it sounds too American, and songs like that never win.  Norway’s song sucks and he looks like a Ken-gone-wrong, but he’ll be a favorite for sure.  The old ladies, I love, but they have just ruined the contest for next yeat…it’s going to be like St.Vincent De Paule put up a talent show. Remember Lordi, well you can’t forget them, we get a couple of Lordi-like bands every year.

So that’s it…that’s Eurovision post done.  I can now relax knowing that the duty to my country has been made.  Enjoy the night guys…don’t scream too much and don’t say you knew Sweden will win, I said it first!=P
2 videos today…Kurt’s and Germany’s songs!

From CC to MG! =)

I’d like to dedicate this post to a very special friend who’s leaving tomorrow.  I’m going to be honest, saying goodbye, even if for a while, is always hard and I have to admit, I’m tearing up writing this, so please excuse me if I jumble up some words.

Irrelevant of the length of time one’s leaving, a goodbye is always a goodbye and it’s never easy.  Those who know me know that I’m not one to shy away from my feelings and I believe that it’s OK to cry, heck I cry if there’s an emotional song on X factor.  But amidst all these tears, I’m smiling because I know that my friend will do great things, and he’ll come back with so much accomplished.

On that note, I want to wish him all the luck in the world, I wish you didn’t have to go for such a long stretch of time, but I know you’re going to do great! Remember, we are all a Skype call away.

No comments about the song! =)


What you laughing at?

So today, after 4 hours locked up in the library, I decided to pop down to the toilet, stretch my legs, and get some fresh air.  As most of you know, here in Malta we have horrible weather at the moment, Global warming and all that.  And today was really windy.  So as soon as I was walking out the door my hair was all over the place.  I badly need a trim because my hair is growing too long now, soon going to strangle myself at night.  So anyway, the wind blew my hair and I found the next window, stopped, and arranged my hair,put my fringe back in place, and anyway after approximately 30-40 seconds doing that, I realized I was staring right into a professor’s office, with him staring right at me. (I’m hoping it wasn’t the Rector, because I sincerely have no idea where his office is).  I froze there and then, him still looking at me and the I turned and bolted.  The dude was on a swivvel chair for god’s sake, he could have moved a bit so I could realize he was there, but anyway, when I got over my shock, I realized the whole thing was extremely funny and would make a good story (I hope it does or else I just wasted 2 minutes of your time whilst you read that)

I actually love embarassing moments stories, they can make any dull conversation so much better.  As long as you can laugh at yourself.  I love laughing at myself.  If it was silly, then I why shouldn’t I laugh.  I hate people who don’t embrase these moments and try to justify that what they did wasn’t stupid or funny.  Life is so frickin’ serious all the time, so what if someone laughs at my expense.

Also today, my parents were invited to a concert of some sort, and my mum yelled to my father not to forget l-invit (the invite) and my dad though she said l-inbid (the wine).  Now my dad, being the patient man he is asked my mum why she’d need it? To which she answered “Heq to give it to the guard at the entrance eh so he can let us in”.  Now I was witnessing all this from the next room, and I could immediately see my dad trying to figure out what sort of concert needed my mum to take a bottle of wine with her to let them in.  After I let him look puzzled for about 2 minutes I couldn’t take it any longer and burst our laughing saying “she hahahaha said hahaha l-invit”  My mum then came down and saw us both crying with laughter, thinking we have finally lost it.

But do you get the point? My dad laughed his head off at himself, and it made the whole thing even funnier. I love that.  If only we all could be like that, right?

I’d love to hear your embarassing moments, I did give you two stories in one post you know.

 I know I should post a song, but I really and truly can’t think of anything, so I’m skipping that today! Feel free to suggest any song you think goes well with this post and I’ll add it and give the person a shout out!

Press Play

 I inverted my usual pattern today, as you can see.  Instead of ending with a song which was inspired by my post, I’m posting the song which inspired my post.  So while you’re reading this…press play and enjoy.

I’m not posting anything long today, just a quick post during my mini-study breaks.  How awesome is this song, right?  You’re probably not in the Joseph Calleja part yet, so keep on listening.  Winter Moods have been my favourite local band for as long as I can remember, mostly because they never gave in to being like everyone else.  They kick ass at ballads, so they stuck to ballads.  But then, they put Calleja in the mix, that way gaining more fans(go play this to your Nannu who loves La Boheme…see what he thinks =P) AND the publicity of our local star.  Aren’t they little geniuses? Usually in Malta, the problem is we lack innovation, but not these guys.

I seriously hope this song gets as much air time as possible and maybe the band will get recognition abroad through Calleja, because they truly deserve it.

OK, study break over.  Go on Facebook,and share the song…it deserves to be HUGE!


Hey..where are you?

So tomorrow a great friend (and a fan of my blogs..yay =) ) is organizing a special birthday BBQ.  It’s the first of many I’m sure and I’m super excited.  I love the beach, especially Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, where we’re going.  So I bought the the meat and the sausages etc…and I got thinking..what’s my favourite part of BBQ?? Hmmm could it be the company, the semi-raw food? NO.  It’s the people who come late.  So half the group decided to go swimming before the BBQ and the other half come later.  And it all begins.  Mobiles are left in the bag, so it’s after about half an hour that we realize they’re ringing. And here goes:

“Hey where are you?”
“Ghajn Tuffieha” – Stupid answer number 1
“Yes sweet but where?”
” Can you see a group with a BBQ set?”- No because I’m in the middle of the Jungle and all I can see are trees and monkeys
“Yes I see the BBQ…but not you…”
Mela…I’m wearing a light pink bikini…and the boys are running around with a ball…can you see us now?”- Yes because all the other boys are playing chess and our group is the only one with a ball.
” No ta’ can’t seem to see you”
“Wait mela, let me get someone else to explain”
“Hey where are you?”
“Ghajn Tuffieha”

And that goes on until some less lazy person decides to go walk 50 meters for the newcomer.  Now the person on the beach has already probably drank a couple of beers so an unusual calm is upon him/her.  But the person just arriving is hot, annoyed at the fact that he/she hasn’t had any beers yet, and probably carrying a gazzilion coolers and bags.  Because you see, in Malta, when you go to a BBQ, you take enough food for everyone, and all you feel like eating is a sausage and a packet of galletti and Bigilla.

So please, those who go earlier than others, don’t be lazy this summer.  You’ll be helping someone swear less. =P

Safe BBQing people! =P


Take me back…back to Summer Paradise!

Hey! Blogger has been calling my name for a couple of days now and after fighting the urge to stop mid-way through studying to blog,  I finally gave in.  I haven’t posted for a while because when I had started this I promised myself that I will only write when I feel inspired, not restricting myself to a particular time or day.

I can’t believe summer is just round the corner.  I hadn’t actually realized how close we are (even though my school calendar reminds me on a daily basis that we are getting closer to June) ’till I started to feel the heat.  It started with the car being too hot, my room too warm.  Now I already can’t bear socks unless I’m wearing shoes and my winter quilt is nicely packed away.  So yeah, summer is close.  I’ve decided that this Summer, just in case it’s the last Summer before the world ends (not really the reason, but anyway), is going to be my summer of new possibilities.

I intend to learn how to sew, amidst all the mocking by my dear family and friends, I’m still going to do it and by the end of summer, I’m going to be able to post a photo of what I’ve actually sewn.  That’s a promise.  I intend to read a whole lot everything and anything.  When I was a little girl, summer was pure bliss because of the simple fact that I could spend 12 hours reading, book after book.  This summer I intend to do just that, not for 12 hours obviously, but instead of pushing the refresh button on Facebook a gazzilion times a day, I’m going to try and be just like my little self was.

I also want to take up art again.  I could do something with a pencil back in the day, but school got in the way and I haven’t drawn or painted anything since my o’level and I miss it.  Obviously I want to eat as many raw sausages full of charcoal bits as possible.  It wouldn’t be Sumer without the BBQs right?  Only I’m going to try and take it slow this year.  Last year I had an average of 2-3 BBQs per weekend, yes one on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  As much as I loved every one of them, by mid August I got so sick of BBQ food that I would end up eating at home and then just chill at the beach. Ohhh and I want to sleep under the stars on the beach this year too.

I’m a bit too ambitious though. right? Considering that this is my shortest Summer in 4 years and I have to juggle work and dancing as well, I hope I’m not getting in over my head here!

So what do you guys want this Summer? Anything which might interest me enough to add to my never ending list?  =)

I nearly forgot my song part, I’m going to go for my all time favourite band for this post, Simple Plan, with their song Summer Paradise feat. K’Naan and NOT Sean Paul.  I hate it when bands go all commercial on me…so I’m sticking with the original one found on their album. Enjoy!