Guess who’s back?

Hey there! I haven’t posted in a while.  I’ve turned twenty, been to London and back and been to Gozo and back! Oh, and I’ve gone back to work and back to University…=(

Talking about going back to places, yesterday I went to Paceville after about 4 months.  Apart from the usual stench of alcohol+sweat+vomit and the kids who seem to have managed to run away from their babysitter, I realized that the place is going through some changes.  Yay for that I love change.  But what caught my attention was the usual lack of safety precautions found when renovations are being made.  So you see, some youngsters in Malta seem to enjoy a drink on a Saturday, a dance with some hot girl, and a fight. Actually, make that fights.  So my question is this…why would the authorities or builders or who eve,r think it wise to leave large building materials (metal rods, bricks,metal nets, etc) running about in the middle of the street?  If one single person decided to pick one of these objects and hit someone with it, multiple people would surely end up seriously hurt.  Now people seem to ignore these materials and simply walk past, leading me to believe that they were left behind knowing that the people who fight and might use them, do not have enough sense to think that hitting someone with a brick would hurt him more than hitting them with there fist.  Or it could be I’m the one with the horrible mind thinking that if I got into a fight, I’d use the brick.

So since I’m on the subject of going back to places I’m gonna mention a comeback which recently occurred in the music world.  The comeback of Mick Jagger.  The dude, after spending a year listening to Ke$ha and Maroon5 and Black Eyed Peas and basically anyone signed with a recording label, mention his name over, decided to return to the commercial music scene by featuring on a Will.I.Am and J.Lo song.  Now I love these two, and the song(I’m gonna post it down here later) is quite catchy, but I am confused as to why I’m fascinated by this collaboration.  Is it because Jagger made it back into the charts, alongside two modern day successful artists, or is it because I can’t seem to understand why he would do such a thing.  Could it be he’s jealous of Madonna? She is after all collaborating with Nicki Minaj and LMFAO.  If I have to be completely honest I’d have to say I’m disappointed that Jagger gave in to the commercial pressure and collaborated. Now let’s hope Bon Jovi or Aerosmith won’t get any similar genius ideas!

Are you looking forward to things coming back? With Spring soon here, fashion trends may see things coming back from past seasons and I love that, the whole recreation of a trend, so I’m definately looking forward to that come back.

Till next time,