Just Freak Out!

So, being a University student, and being one who freaks out over nothing, I am currently in a state of panic.  Exams start tomorrow and even though I know that I couldn’t have done much more, I am still freaking out.  Now I don’t know if it’s all the studying getting to my head or just the simple fact that I might be growing up a bit, but right at the very back of my mind, way way back, but it’s there, I have some sort of calm because I know this will soon be over and I won’t even realize.  And I got to think, why do we always fear something so much, but we know and have concrete proof that it will be over before we know it.  Going to the dentist is just the same, you spend more time freaking out then the actual visit.

We all fear something and that’s understandable, but why do we fear things we know are soon going to pass? Is it because we are so pessimistic that we think “hey this time round it’s gonna be different, it’s not gonna pass by so quickly” or is it because we simply love to make a fuss.  Personally, I know what my answer is, I love to make a fuss.  Plain and simple.  I am a pure drama queen and I make little things so big that I actually laugh at myself after.  Just to give an example of what a drama queen I am, I once phoned my boyfriend at 3:30 in the morning, from my mum’s phone, giving him the fright of his life, just to tell him my Blackberry wasn’t working.  So you get the point, I make a big deal of things.  I want to learn however, how to be less like this, how actually let things go by without making a big deal or freaking out.  Maybe that will be my next new year’s resolution, if we have one that is.

Good luck guys, put your mind there and if you’ve studied you will be ok.  For the benefit of the poor souls who are drama queens like me, freak out, cry your heart out, think you’re the stupidest person ever, then wash your face and go kick that exam’s ass….then do it all over again before results come in! =P


Oh and I didn’t forget the song…it’s “Freak Out” by my personal all time favourite, Avril Lavigne!


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