Life of a student at its best!

So I’m freaking out and freezing my ass off and to cheer myself up a bit, I’m going to blog! My brain cells are almost all dead so please excuse me if my work isn’t what it usually is.

Ok, so I am sleep deprived.  Not only can I not sleep in in the mornings or take my afternoon naps, but I am also not sleeping properly at night.  So I got to thinking about sleep.  Well actually what came to mind was what makes a perfect ‘getting up’?

1. Do not come yelling/shaking/banging or any energetic action in my room.  I like to be woken up gently and preferably with a perfectly warm muyg of coffee (luckily I have an angel of a daddy who does that).

2. Do not tell me anything of importance early in the morning or anything which I’ll need to remember, because, I simply won’t.

3.  Do not make me sit for an exam at 8am.  Seriously education people, who functions at 8am? Not me! Don’t make exams that early because it’s just torture for us students.

4. This goes out to those radio stations who insist on waking us up in the morning.  Bay Radio I love you, but seriously I want to smash my stereo every time I hear “Rise and Shine Cupcake”.  No, just don’t.  It makes the poor driver stuck in traffic on a freezing morning feel like shit.  Definately not a cupcake. Seriously.

5. Do not say “good morning facebookers” we know it’s morning.

So you get my point, I’m not a morning person.

Moving on to something more serious,  SOPA.  No, not your Nanna’s warm, veggie mix.  But an american bill that’s working it’s way into congress. The StopOnlinePiracyAct.  Hence, the blackout seen on Wikipedia today.  Websites like Wikipedia are protesting against this bill, which if comes into action, will give the creators of content a lot of power over the internet.  That is, piracy over the internet will be taken more seriously.  Now I’m sure that all of us take part in this.  Even if you claim to not download music, TV shows, ebooks, pictures, whatever, I’m sure you do in some way take part in internet piracy.  Legal action will be taken so it might be taken seriously for a while, though personally I still believe that some other way will be found and we will still be able to download stuff.  For once Malta was before the US, remember the monti CDs vs police debacle a couple of years back?

My blog is called this and that afterall…enjoy

Keep warm


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