Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Make it a great day and ignore all the shit people invent because of a silly date!!! =)

So this week has been particularly boring, I’ve just been studying and sleeping and eating like a pig.  Nothing much. But, I seem to be surrounded by a sort of wave of “wrong time for mobile phone to ring” moments.  We have the whole local political debacle going on, I had a lecturer actually answering her phone during a lecture and during my dancing class we had constant signals coming into the various blackberries which kept on causing the speakers to experience interference.  Now I must say first and foremost that I have, on more than one occasion replied to a text or BBM during a lecture and left my phone next to speakers.  So I’m not judging. I want to actually try to come up with some sort of understanding as to when it is appropriate to use a phone and when it’s not.  In general, we have gained some sort of mutual understanding as to where we should switch off mobiles, like in churches(although, luckily for the bored worshiper you always get that one lady with the huge bag who’s phone rings as soon as we are all kneeling down to pray) and hospitals.  We also do not use mobiles when talking to people in a formal way or when driving (again, I’m not judging!)

But what about those situations where not all of us have the same opinions.  That is for example, I see nothing wrong with texting someone, with my mobile phone on silent of course, during a film. My boyfriend hates that and snatches my phone away as “this is not the place to be texting”.  For my family, having your mobile phone on the table whilst eating is like having salt and pepper on the table, but for my grandparents, this is very unethical and they don’t see the need for mobile phones whilst we’re eating.

So, my question is this…do we need a reform in the etiquette system which includes mobile phones? Something like how we have etiquette for cutlery and way of speaking..etc etc. Or should one do as they please? I personally believe in the latter, as long as my usage does not bother people directly.  So what if whilst I’m eating I text, it’s my phone that’s getting food all over it.  I wouldn’t be at a family dinner and leave the phone on, with some hideous ring tone going off every 2 minute, but if it’s on silent and I happen to receive/send a text, why not?

I know it’s stupid…but I used to love this song and when i typed “phone” it came up so I’m using this one today! Enjoy!

Happy Weekend
– C


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