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Good morning! I’m blogging early today.  I’m a university student for those who don’t know, and I drive, so you do the math. (For those who don’t know…parking is a nightmare here at UoM…but anyway.) Sticking to the subject of driving, I just drove by a huge billboard with Valentine’s Day adverts on it.  Now I know strictly speaking it’s just a month till Valentines, and I love the holiday don’t get me wrong, but it got me thinking.  We say life is sooo short, but then again, why are we always counting.  After the new year, it’s Valentine’s, then after that it’s easter, then summer, etc etc.  I get that it all has to do with advertising and all, but we all do it even with our personal stuff…1 week to that 1 month to that.  For me 3rd January is the day I start counting for my birthday, which is a month later.  What I’m saying is, why don’t we just enjoy the moment, and stop counting.

Unfortunately, I have the answer.  It’s because we are never happy with what we have.  We hope for better, even if things are great and we are lucky enough to have great people and things in our lives.  Or it’s because we are so lucky that we constantly have things to look forward to.  Either way, we’re counting.

In my last post I mentioned that I love series.  So for my fellow addicts, last night One Tree Hill : The Final Season (yeah, that’s what it’s actually called this year *weep*) aired. So all those OTH, grab your uTorrent and let’s hope for a good season.

Like I said last time, I’m going to end my post with a video.  I chose “Someone like You”  by Adele this time round.  I love the song but I chose it because of a particular line which relates to the above idea of time, “only yesterday was the time of our lives”.  I agree with this completely and hats off to who ever wrote the song for pointing that out.

– C


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