So..I’ve been wanting to this  for a long time, I read a couple of blogs and I love writing..but I never actually got to sticking to one. This time is going to be different.  With exams coming up and assignments due, I have all the time in the world to dedicate to my blog!

Anyway, here’s how things are going to go down.  I’ll write about anything and anyone that comes to mind and , if need be, moan and whine about it.  I’ll talk shit about those things I hate and show my love for those I love.  Those who know me know what a blabber mouth I am, but I’ll try to keep things under control here!

Ok, first up on my agenda for today, politics.  Malta is going through a rough patch and I understand that people are concerned about the situation…etc etc etc…but what really concerns me is this little question that’s been going through my mind since this whole situation started…and my question to my fellow citizens is this…who gave you the idea that just because you are on Facebook and you happen to have heard the name Franco Debono you can go about posting things on your wall like you’re some kind of political advisor.  OK you follow the news, ok you read blogs and articles, but seriously, how many people actually know what they’re talking about? Yeah you have an idea, because in this country even our pets know some thing about politics, but seriously people, let’s leave the witty comments to the politicians, and let’s stick to liking things!

Moving on, being a series addict that I am, following with great interest about 9 different series in one season, and adding to this the whole time difference hassle, I tend to get confused as to what has aired or not.  So, my boyfriend suggested where you basically put in the episodes you watch and it tells you what has aired when and if you’ve watched it or nor.  Now he also said it’s been around for a while so it could just be me who’s discovering it now, but I love it anyways and thought I’d share.  Oh, and it conveniently has a section telling you how much time you’ve wasted. Nice.

To conclude, I will be posting a video of the song I’m loving or which has some significant meaning.  It’s Kelly Clarkson’s What doesn’t kill you…which feature a quote I love “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. A pop-rock, anthem style song, the usual Kelly style, but a good song to sing along to!

Untill the next time,


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  1. I like your blog Claire, and it's interesting receiving people's comments and so on. Regarding politic issue, I think that I leave other people write what they want. It's their obsession about politics so why not writing something which makes them feel like participating in this situation. For example: a numerous people of our age are fanatic about football. I don't know if you heard someone saying: My team is stonger than yours.. Like, ohh really, do you have a team? is it Juventus, inter, Man Utd? really? I didn't know you've got shares with that team? People talk like that because they're so into it. My point is, why not? this is democracy, people can talk on any topic they want. What do you think Claire? Ludwig

  2. Thanks Lud!!! I agree that people should express themselves…but it's the way they do it I don't like. I wouldn't go round saying oh Ronaldo you are so great…because frankly i don't even know what team he plays for. Its not that they comment…but some people think they know so much when in fact its just comments in favour of their party!

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