Private Party!

So last Saturday I went out with a couple of friends to this hip new place! Lot’s of sushi and cocktails and an overall great vibe! So all was going great, and there were little things which made the place even more unique, like having a doorman open the door, something small but cute! Until then I’d give the place a very good review. But then we went out the door and my friend, who was just behind me, came running saying she couldn’t believe what she had just heard.  I though it would be some hamallata, but alas it wasn’t.  My friend overheard the doorman telling two colored men that they couldn’t enter because it was a private party.  Now we were just in there and we were 100% sure we weren’t attending any party.  And I froze.  I looked back to see the two men and they were smartly dressed and perfectly suitable to go in, heck they probably looked smarter than half the people in there.  But yet they were not allowed in.  Even worse, they were lied to.

Now those who are Facebook users know that a chain whatever they call it on facebook  thing has been going round, a story about racism on a plane, and people have been posting it and being all ashamed, but last Saturday, this was happening right in front of several people’s eyes (not mine because I would have definately said something) and nobody did anything.  Nobody said that as far as they know it wasn’t a private party.  They just went on with their lives like nothing had happened.

I know racism exists, but I could not believe it actually occurs like that.  I’m not going to say much, we all know it’s wrong. I’m not even going to comment on the fact that the owner, in my opinion looked less worthy of being their then the actual men who were refused to enter.

Needless to say, I’m never going there again!



Just Freak Out!

So, being a University student, and being one who freaks out over nothing, I am currently in a state of panic.  Exams start tomorrow and even though I know that I couldn’t have done much more, I am still freaking out.  Now I don’t know if it’s all the studying getting to my head or just the simple fact that I might be growing up a bit, but right at the very back of my mind, way way back, but it’s there, I have some sort of calm because I know this will soon be over and I won’t even realize.  And I got to think, why do we always fear something so much, but we know and have concrete proof that it will be over before we know it.  Going to the dentist is just the same, you spend more time freaking out then the actual visit.

We all fear something and that’s understandable, but why do we fear things we know are soon going to pass? Is it because we are so pessimistic that we think “hey this time round it’s gonna be different, it’s not gonna pass by so quickly” or is it because we simply love to make a fuss.  Personally, I know what my answer is, I love to make a fuss.  Plain and simple.  I am a pure drama queen and I make little things so big that I actually laugh at myself after.  Just to give an example of what a drama queen I am, I once phoned my boyfriend at 3:30 in the morning, from my mum’s phone, giving him the fright of his life, just to tell him my Blackberry wasn’t working.  So you get the point, I make a big deal of things.  I want to learn however, how to be less like this, how actually let things go by without making a big deal or freaking out.  Maybe that will be my next new year’s resolution, if we have one that is.

Good luck guys, put your mind there and if you’ve studied you will be ok.  For the benefit of the poor souls who are drama queens like me, freak out, cry your heart out, think you’re the stupidest person ever, then wash your face and go kick that exam’s ass….then do it all over again before results come in! =P


Oh and I didn’t forget the song…it’s “Freak Out” by my personal all time favourite, Avril Lavigne!

Life of a student at its best!

So I’m freaking out and freezing my ass off and to cheer myself up a bit, I’m going to blog! My brain cells are almost all dead so please excuse me if my work isn’t what it usually is.

Ok, so I am sleep deprived.  Not only can I not sleep in in the mornings or take my afternoon naps, but I am also not sleeping properly at night.  So I got to thinking about sleep.  Well actually what came to mind was what makes a perfect ‘getting up’?

1. Do not come yelling/shaking/banging or any energetic action in my room.  I like to be woken up gently and preferably with a perfectly warm muyg of coffee (luckily I have an angel of a daddy who does that).

2. Do not tell me anything of importance early in the morning or anything which I’ll need to remember, because, I simply won’t.

3.  Do not make me sit for an exam at 8am.  Seriously education people, who functions at 8am? Not me! Don’t make exams that early because it’s just torture for us students.

4. This goes out to those radio stations who insist on waking us up in the morning.  Bay Radio I love you, but seriously I want to smash my stereo every time I hear “Rise and Shine Cupcake”.  No, just don’t.  It makes the poor driver stuck in traffic on a freezing morning feel like shit.  Definately not a cupcake. Seriously.

5. Do not say “good morning facebookers” we know it’s morning.

So you get my point, I’m not a morning person.

Moving on to something more serious,  SOPA.  No, not your Nanna’s warm, veggie mix.  But an american bill that’s working it’s way into congress. The StopOnlinePiracyAct.  Hence, the blackout seen on Wikipedia today.  Websites like Wikipedia are protesting against this bill, which if comes into action, will give the creators of content a lot of power over the internet.  That is, piracy over the internet will be taken more seriously.  Now I’m sure that all of us take part in this.  Even if you claim to not download music, TV shows, ebooks, pictures, whatever, I’m sure you do in some way take part in internet piracy.  Legal action will be taken so it might be taken seriously for a while, though personally I still believe that some other way will be found and we will still be able to download stuff.  For once Malta was before the US, remember the monti CDs vs police debacle a couple of years back?

My blog is called this and that afterall…enjoy

Keep warm


Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Make it a great day and ignore all the shit people invent because of a silly date!!! =)

So this week has been particularly boring, I’ve just been studying and sleeping and eating like a pig.  Nothing much. But, I seem to be surrounded by a sort of wave of “wrong time for mobile phone to ring” moments.  We have the whole local political debacle going on, I had a lecturer actually answering her phone during a lecture and during my dancing class we had constant signals coming into the various blackberries which kept on causing the speakers to experience interference.  Now I must say first and foremost that I have, on more than one occasion replied to a text or BBM during a lecture and left my phone next to speakers.  So I’m not judging. I want to actually try to come up with some sort of understanding as to when it is appropriate to use a phone and when it’s not.  In general, we have gained some sort of mutual understanding as to where we should switch off mobiles, like in churches(although, luckily for the bored worshiper you always get that one lady with the huge bag who’s phone rings as soon as we are all kneeling down to pray) and hospitals.  We also do not use mobiles when talking to people in a formal way or when driving (again, I’m not judging!)

But what about those situations where not all of us have the same opinions.  That is for example, I see nothing wrong with texting someone, with my mobile phone on silent of course, during a film. My boyfriend hates that and snatches my phone away as “this is not the place to be texting”.  For my family, having your mobile phone on the table whilst eating is like having salt and pepper on the table, but for my grandparents, this is very unethical and they don’t see the need for mobile phones whilst we’re eating.

So, my question is this…do we need a reform in the etiquette system which includes mobile phones? Something like how we have etiquette for cutlery and way of speaking..etc etc. Or should one do as they please? I personally believe in the latter, as long as my usage does not bother people directly.  So what if whilst I’m eating I text, it’s my phone that’s getting food all over it.  I wouldn’t be at a family dinner and leave the phone on, with some hideous ring tone going off every 2 minute, but if it’s on silent and I happen to receive/send a text, why not?

I know it’s stupid…but I used to love this song and when i typed “phone” it came up so I’m using this one today! Enjoy!

Happy Weekend
– C

Tik Tok

Good morning! I’m blogging early today.  I’m a university student for those who don’t know, and I drive, so you do the math. (For those who don’t know…parking is a nightmare here at UoM…but anyway.) Sticking to the subject of driving, I just drove by a huge billboard with Valentine’s Day adverts on it.  Now I know strictly speaking it’s just a month till Valentines, and I love the holiday don’t get me wrong, but it got me thinking.  We say life is sooo short, but then again, why are we always counting.  After the new year, it’s Valentine’s, then after that it’s easter, then summer, etc etc.  I get that it all has to do with advertising and all, but we all do it even with our personal stuff…1 week to that 1 month to that.  For me 3rd January is the day I start counting for my birthday, which is a month later.  What I’m saying is, why don’t we just enjoy the moment, and stop counting.

Unfortunately, I have the answer.  It’s because we are never happy with what we have.  We hope for better, even if things are great and we are lucky enough to have great people and things in our lives.  Or it’s because we are so lucky that we constantly have things to look forward to.  Either way, we’re counting.

In my last post I mentioned that I love series.  So for my fellow addicts, last night One Tree Hill : The Final Season (yeah, that’s what it’s actually called this year *weep*) aired. So all those OTH, grab your uTorrent and let’s hope for a good season.

Like I said last time, I’m going to end my post with a video.  I chose “Someone like You”  by Adele this time round.  I love the song but I chose it because of a particular line which relates to the above idea of time, “only yesterday was the time of our lives”.  I agree with this completely and hats off to who ever wrote the song for pointing that out.

– C

So..I’ve been wanting to this  for a long time, I read a couple of blogs and I love writing..but I never actually got to sticking to one. This time is going to be different.  With exams coming up and assignments due, I have all the time in the world to dedicate to my blog!

Anyway, here’s how things are going to go down.  I’ll write about anything and anyone that comes to mind and , if need be, moan and whine about it.  I’ll talk shit about those things I hate and show my love for those I love.  Those who know me know what a blabber mouth I am, but I’ll try to keep things under control here!

Ok, first up on my agenda for today, politics.  Malta is going through a rough patch and I understand that people are concerned about the situation…etc etc etc…but what really concerns me is this little question that’s been going through my mind since this whole situation started…and my question to my fellow citizens is this…who gave you the idea that just because you are on Facebook and you happen to have heard the name Franco Debono you can go about posting things on your wall like you’re some kind of political advisor.  OK you follow the news, ok you read blogs and articles, but seriously, how many people actually know what they’re talking about? Yeah you have an idea, because in this country even our pets know some thing about politics, but seriously people, let’s leave the witty comments to the politicians, and let’s stick to liking things!

Moving on, being a series addict that I am, following with great interest about 9 different series in one season, and adding to this the whole time difference hassle, I tend to get confused as to what has aired or not.  So, my boyfriend suggested where you basically put in the episodes you watch and it tells you what has aired when and if you’ve watched it or nor.  Now he also said it’s been around for a while so it could just be me who’s discovering it now, but I love it anyways and thought I’d share.  Oh, and it conveniently has a section telling you how much time you’ve wasted. Nice.

To conclude, I will be posting a video of the song I’m loving or which has some significant meaning.  It’s Kelly Clarkson’s What doesn’t kill you…which feature a quote I love “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. A pop-rock, anthem style song, the usual Kelly style, but a good song to sing along to!

Untill the next time,