Shocker! – Most Embarrassing Moment

Today I travelled by bus. No, that’s not the shocker. With all the crazy traffic around, it’s sometimes easier this way. I only had a short journey, a couple of stops and I was at my destination.

I got on the bus, sat down, sunglasses on, headphones on and there I was, remembering why I used to sort of like bus rides. I had a few minutes to myself. I love watching people and bus rides present the perfect opportunity to do so. All the seats were filled, even the priority seating.

At one point, an elderly man tried to get onboard. He used a walking stick and couldn’t get up. So the driver got up, so did two other passengers and helped him. No, that’s still not the shocker.

On we went. At the next stop, a heavily pregnant woman got onboard. Yet, this time unlike with the old man, nobody moved. Not a single person. She wore a head scarf and seemed slightly darker skinned…can you see where I’m heading? I was too far behind to move, or so I tried to convince myself. We kept going. Nobody moved. The people standing, including the heavily pregnant lady, rocked about as one does when standing on a bus. All of a sudden, a girl got up, looked around at everyone and gave the lady her seat. She wasn’t sitting at the priority seating. Actually she was quite far behind, almost by my side.

The AC, as per usual on local buses, was off. Yet as I got down the bus, I felt a chill down my spine.

Never have I been more embarrassed in my life.

Before stepping off I had a look at the priority sign and saw 3 figures: a person in a wheelchair, a person with a cane and a pregnant woman. None of the figures were black. But none were white either. They were green, the colour of Arriva.


Tag – My Make-Up Story

So I was tagged by the lovely Lyndsey from Splashes of Looks…go check her out, she’s pretty awesome. Basically I answer a couple of set questions and then move on to tag someone else. I love reading these sort of posts…they’re light and fun…I hope you do too!

Here goes…

The stuff I use most

The stuff I use most

1. How old where you when you started wearing make-up?

I had this glossy roll on lip gloss at around 10. It was very light and every girl had one…very 90s and all that. I probably started wearing mascara and eyeliner at 12. Haha I remember putting on a ton of mascara and when my mum would ask me if I’m wearing any I’d always deny it. Like it wasn’t obvious or anything and I had natural Bambi lashes all of a sudden!


2. How did you get into make-up?

I think reading magazines and seeing my mum buying lipstick.


3. What are some of your favourite brands?

Mac is amazing but slightly exceeds my budget. I’m loving Bourjois, Collection, L’Oreal and Maybelline at the moment.


4. What does make-up mean to you?

Nothing really…I don’t mind going out without make-up…I can go with powder on concealer only for days. But at the same time I have other days I love looking for stuff online…trends, tips, tricks…anything. It’s love-hate relationship really!


5. If you could only wear 4 products on your face, what would they be?

Eyeliner, blush, concealer and powder.


6. What is your favourite thing about make-up?

You can play around with different looks depending on your mood or outfit…transforming yourself however you like. Going minimal is also beautiful and I love ‘no make-up’ looks. I believe this takes more skill than dabbing on all your products.


7. What do you think about drugstore make-up vs. high-end make-up?

Obviously, the more you pay the better the product. Some might not agree but ultimately I think higher priced stuff tend to be slightly better. I tend to splurge on foundation so as to not stress my skin out…but then I don’t mind cheap lipstick for instance.


8. What is one tip of advice you can give to a beginner?

Stay away from foundation, too much eyeliner and too much blush. Keep it simple. Always, always, always wash your make-up off before going to bed!


9. What is one make-up trend you never understood?

Lip liners. I hate these. I know they have a function,keep your lipstick on longer or something but I never understood this trend.


10. What do you think about the beauty community on Youtube?

I love YouTube not just for make-up. But getting tips and info. for free is amazing and I love watching beauty stuff on YouTube.


And that’s it! I’m not tagging any single blogger for this one. I’m tagging the ‘person’ with the cursor blinking, fingers itching to write something but is scared. Go on…now you’re tagged…you have to do it! Good luck!


The ‘F’ word…

…no, silly, not that one. I’m talking of the other ‘F’ word. Some love it. Some think it doesn’t exist. Me? I’m convinced it does because life is far too complicated and so I choose to believe it exists.

I’m rambling on about faith if you haven’t realised yet. Faith – belief and trust based on spiritual conviction rather than proof. I used to be a very sceptical person. I used to believe that people have control over things they do and the consequences that follow.

Along the way I grew up and I realised there’s more to life than what we have control over. It’s frustrating really. At the time you’re doing something or going through a particular experience and it’s not going your way. You feel lost and incomplete. You know what you want but everything seems to be going the other way.

Then you look back a couple of years later and realise that hey, everything turned out OK. Some have faith in specific things, religion, karma,destiny…all that. People use the phrase “have faith” continuously. But really, I think it’s all a matter of having the right mindset.

I choose to believe that one wrong turn may lead to something greater than what I had initially planned. Saying that, it usually takes me ages to realise that things really did turn out to be OK. Believing in something, for me, makes me feel safe, even when I don’t have a plan for myself, something or someone does and it will somehow work.

Yours faithfully,


PS. Haha I know, silly ending, but I just had to! ;-P


My ‘I want’ list…

…before you think this is a beauty or fashion related post, it’s not. I want so much of those things that the post would be never ending. I might include a couple of beauty or fashion related stuff on this list, but only a few, I promise.

Here goes…

I want:

  1. To hear a great song and completely fall in love with it. I hear songs like these all the time but I want this song to be the song I love after a year, two..heck I want to be loving it when I’m fifty. I’m constantly disappointed with the music industry. Everyone’s busy twerking or being different or trying to be hip and alternative. But everyone seems to try too hard. There are good songs, of course and great bands and singers. But at the end of the day, if I want to listen to good music…I have to go back in time a couple of decades. Sad.
  2. To roller blade. I visited Barcelona last week and everyone roller blades there. I have a good pair of blades I got from when we spent a Summer in Canada but unfortunately I haven’t used them in over 5 years. I can of course pick them up and use them but it’s super hard to find smooth pavements or parks in Malta. All parks are sort of paved with small brick-style tiles which make it impossible to skate and very, very possible to fall flat on your face. And I’m Claire, I do the latter on a weekly basis in flats, so I can’t risk it.
  3. To go for a long walk. Again, I can just up and do that. But it’s still really hot for walks on Sunday. But it’s September, so hopefully my heat-induced agony will be over soon. To be fair to our dear Earth, it wasn’t too bad this year.
  4. To eat Salted Caramel ice-cream. I’m weird, I know. But I’ve only had this flavour in the UK. My good friends took us to a pub who made home-made ice-cream once, 2 years ago, and I’ve been craving this ice-cream ever since. It was the most incredible desert I’ve ever had. If anyone knows of places in Malta where they serve this flavour…please comment and tell me their name. I’d be forever indebted to you.
  5. To own this pretty Dior jewel box with all 6 of my favourite ever perfumes. Yes, all of them. Mini-versions of the Dior range in a crisp white box you can keep. I saw this at the airport and I was staring at it so hard that the guy offered to open that sealed little box they have which they never open. It was so beautiful I nearly splurged and got it. It wasn’t too expensive for the brand and what it contains, but the box was huge and I was already lugging around a huge suitcase which I managed to pass off as ‘hand luggage’. I’ll look for it online but I’m pretty sure it was one of those mythical things that only make an appearance in airports and then you never, ever, find them anywhere else.

Do you have a similar list? Please say you do…I don’t want to be a weirdo all by myself!

Claire 🙂

This over that!

I just had a this or that moment. I was deciding on a post…either an MTV VMA one or a good old stream of consciousness post. Guess which one won?

Writing ‘stream of consciousness’ I just realised that even though the new scholastic year hasn’t yet started and I was so ready to be done with my English course…I’m missing it already. I love languages. I’m fascinated by how words are made up and all that. I’m also good at languages, that’s a plus. But I think even if I wasn’t, I’d still find it in me to appreciate the beauty of languages.

I also finally got myself a travel journal. It’s where you write all about trips and journeys and all that. I can’t wait to use it…to write on a piece of paper again rather than tap away at stuff all the time. I didn’t have one when I went to Venice last year and I was disappointed because I found myself getting so inspired that a journal would have been ideal.

Anyway enough about me. Let’s talk about what’s going on all around. We’ve got the #icebucketchallenge thing. I love it…I just hope people really are donating. But even if they’re not…we know a little about ALS now. Hopefully.

We have Brad and Angelina coming over to Malta and Gozo soon, if they’re not here already. I’m honestly having an Angelina phase…loving everything she does. And of course a Brad phase is always ongoing. So I’m hyped about this. Who knows…maybe they’ll be roaming the island and bump into little me somehow. Joking aside…how awesome is the fact that out of all the teeney tiny islands all over the world…they pick Gozo. They came here and loved it. These people who can go wherever they want…they picked here. I love that. We complain of all the little things…but we must be doing something right somehow. Let’s hope they’re photographed like crazy so we can boast about our little piece of heaven.

I went beach-hopping in Gozo a couple of weeks ago and I was mesmerised… every beach was more beautiful than the one before.

The next time you’re complaining about living here on the rock (I absolutely hate this degrading term) get your behind up from that swivel chair and go explore. You’ll be surprised at what’s beyond Sliema and Paceville.

It’s pretty amazing.

At the Azure Window in Gozo

At the Azure Window in Gozo

Celebrate good times…c’mon!

Last week my Facebook news feed was flooded with people celebrating. Everyone was happy, posting pictures and sharing status updates. No, no cure for Ebola was found. Libya is still a mess. The reason for all this celebrating? A new Burger King opened up.

Now on my beloved Malta, which let’s face it is probably the side of Beyonce’ and Jay Z’s back yard, we have the following:

10 McDonald’s
4 Burger Kings
3 or 4 Subways (not sure…their website sucks)
5 Pizza Hut
2 KfC
Plenty of copy cat local chains
A pastizzi place at every bus stop

Now I enjoy a good old Big Mac like the next girl, but I think celebrating the fact that another fast food store opened up is too much. We shouldn’t be happy about this. Because let’s face it, this food is tempting, so having all this around us isn’t a good thing.

Plus, now I don’t have kids, but I’m pretty sure that if they’re surrounded by all this they’re likely to grow up thinking it’s the food they should be eating.

I said in my last post that my mum always made me say please and thank you to everyone. Well I’m lucky because my parents made sure I ate healthy food from an early age. McDonald’s was a Xmas and first day of Summer holidays treat. And if I didn’t like peas (still not much of a fan of the little things), well there was no ‘if’ because some way or another (mushed, blended, whatever) my mum would insist I ate them. And when I hated tomatoes, my dad would cut super thin slices untill I got used to them and now I eat tomatoes like apples.

I was lucky yes, my parents cared. But even if parents don’t do the extra effort, shouldn’t healthy options be available more? I hate for instance that any dish with vegetables in it at a restaurant is branded with a huge ‘V’, like some scarlet letter. I don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy a pizza with just veggies. “No, I am not on a diet” shouldn’t have to follow my choice of a pizza with veg. A pizza is never diet food. I just enjoy eating veg….for no specific reason.

See what I’m getting at? Those are actual stuff I have to tell people.

But yeah, Burger King have opened up a new store, let’s celebrate!

Dear 16-year-old ME!

Dear 16-year-old me,

Yes, you’re doing it. You’re writing and people are reading. It feels incredible and you will love every second of it. Don’t waste any time thinking you’re not any good. You might not be the best, but go ahead, you will love it and that’s the most important thing. The day you start blogging, spend a little extra second appreciating it…because three and a half years later, you’ll want to remember that moment.

Let’s talk about your body. You probably don’t really like it that much. Well, you should. Don’t give it vodka because it won’t like it, at all. And don’t drastically change your hair colour every few months. It’s fun yes, but you will appreciate your natural hair more later. 

Don’t surround yourself with people who bring you down and stay away from people with negative energy. You’ll be wasting your time with these people. Stick with people who bring out all the good in you, they will be worth your time. 

Don’t overthink stuff. Be impulsive sometimes. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to be serious and have lots of stuff to think about later on. And don’t be scared of change, it’s an incredible thing and the moment you embrace it is the moment you’ll actually start living. 

Don’t forget to travel as often as possible. You will grow to love it more and more as you grown older and later on you might not always have time to travel as much. Don’t waste your time thinking about leaving Malta, you won’t, because you love it too much. 

One final thing: The moment you meet a 23-year-old guy by the name of Etienne, don’t even think about not going out with him. He will change your life and make you the happiest, most loved girl in the world.


22-and-a-half-year-old you! (Yes, I still count half birthdays. My half birthday is today, as it happens!)


Don’t forget your please and thank you!

Hey there! How’s everyone doing? Like I had said at the beginning of Summer I’ve been super busy being what I like to call a ‘grown-up’. It’s actually not too bad really. I’m getting used to everything slowly. I’m also, like I’ve said before enjoying Cisk and ice-cream as much as I can.

A few days ago a dear friend pointed out that I don’t post as often as I used to and when I told her that I don’t because I don’t have time to plan out fancy posts, she said something that shocked me. She pointed it out that I used to write all of these posts which were not planned, and she used to love them. That’s not what shocked me. What did was the fact that I used to love those posts. Heck, that’s what I used to love most about blogging…writing just because. I didn’t always have a reason to post.

I would for instance talk about my projects. This Summer I’m working on what I have called the ‘Thank You Project’. It’s not a project really, more like something I’ve taken up. I read somewhere that people are saying ‘thank you’ less and less. So I decided I would say thanks more often, to people I would usually not say it to. And it’s been such an amusing thing, so far. I said thank you to a worker at McDonald’s who had nothing to do with me, she did not take my order, she did not clear my table, she was just there on my way out. The look on her face when I said thanks was priceless. She was surprised then she smiled then she probably thought I was a weirdo.

Same thing happened at the Beer Festival last weekend. I ordered a pint (yes, of Cisk, of course) and this girl handed me my beer and said “Enjoy it!” so I replied “Oh thank you and you have a good rest of the evening” and again, she looked at me as though I had said that I’m Barack Obama’s daughter. She looked confused and just stared at me.

Now this is happening almost every time I do this which is only proving to me that we don’t say thank you enough. I used to work in retail and catering so I can understand why these people are surprised…because people have stopped saying thank you.

I remember as a little girl my mum used to always warm me before going to a party or someone’s house “And don’t forget your please and thank you”…I think we actually need to start printing that on T-shirts so people don’t forget.

Have a good week!
Claire x

PS Thanks for reading! 😉

Is-Soltu Storja!

For those who don’t know any Maltese, the title is an expression similar to ‘Same old, same old!

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now but recently I think it’s escalated and I had to write about it.

Let’s begin.

So if you go back a few years and check out my earliest posts (not sure if they’re on here as I used to use an older platform 4 years ago) you’ll probably find me posting about how limited Malta is, style-wise. I used to love going to London or Italy just because people there oozed style. I used to buy the craziest things from Oxford Street then come home and not be able to wear it.

Gladly, that’s changed. I can’t deny that we’re way more open minded (not enough, but anyway) and lots more stuff are accepted now.

But, and here’s where the expression comes in, Malta and the Maltese took it to the extreme, again. Is-soltu storja, insomma!

I’ve recently realised that there’s now a situation where from no sense of style, the Maltese have now become style obsessed to the point that everyone is once again looking the same, overly involved in fitting in. People want to be stylish now so we (I’ll use ‘we’ in the hopes of not sounding too harsh) open up all the blogs and online magazines we can see and dress accordingly. So the crop top is a ‘must-have’, right? So everyone’s wearing a crop top all day every day with anything and everything.

I love trends and I do follow trends, I must admit. But as a whole, we need to chill on the whole style thing. We can’t go back to how we were before, obviously, but I hope we don’t keep going in the same direction we’re heading or else we’ll end up looking like those people in futuristic movies. You know, the ones that look like robots where everyone’s wearing the same jumpsuit? Yeah, that’s where we’re headed!

A Bookworm’s Dilemma!

I’ve always been a bookworm. For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved reading, I always carried books with me wherever I went. I was the sort of kid that could spend hours, in Summer, curled up on the sofa reading. And although I’ve always been an avid reader, at 22, I’m still conflicted when it comes to watching movies based on books. I must admit, I always claim I won’t watch movies based on books because they leave out so much details I get so annoyed and end up in a bad mood which isn’t what I want when watchin a movie.

As The Fault in Our Stars is everywhere right now, and having read the book last year, I’m still unsure whether I’ll watch the movie or not. From the trailer I can already sort of tell that they got it slightly wrong. The trailer made the story seem very similar to A Walk to Remember, which is not what I got out of reading the book.

But there have been cases where I’ve loved the movies as much as the book, even if in isolated cases. First that come to mind are the Hunger Games movies and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. The books were still better in general but I think these movies came quite close to the actual plot in the books.

Then there’s the movies I absolutely hate and refuse to watch because they are almost nothing like the books. The Harry Potter movies are one such example. All the Nicholas Sparks ones too. I was also disappointed with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo even though I read the book after watching the movie. I won’t comment on Twilight  because I believe they should have never made them into movies and just let them be the almost-good novels that they are. The classics like Pride and Prejudice for instance have had endless movie adaptations made, though I seem to not mind those as much.

There’s Gone Girl coming out soon, also based on a favourite book of mine. It stars Ben Affleck so I’m sure there’s going to be loads of hype around that. We’ll just have to wait and see.

What’s your take on books vs movies? Do you get annoyed as I do? 

Claire x